This is the absolutely disgusting state of “healthcare” in Australia

This is the absolutely disgusting state of “healthcare” in Australia. This happened in my state.
A child had a burst appendix, but was sent home from hospital, because they thought it was gastro/stomach flu. She’s lucky she didn’t die from septic shock.
I read a comment from someone else, who said that their brother called for an ambulance, because he was having a heart attack. They laughed it off as a panic attack. He called a different hospital, where they confirmed that he had a heart attack, and died as a result of not being treated quickly enough.
I’m glad that we have universal healthcare, but the government has allowed it to decline to such an abysmal state, where people are regularly dying from substandard care. The hospitals can’t deal with the extra load of patients (which has happened as a result of rapid population growth), because there’s been virtually nothing invested into building more hospitals.
Our government loves the economic gains from a bigger population, but won’t invest money into making sure that we can actually care for Australians.
This, along with disgusting treatment, is why I have vowed to refuse to go to hospital, unless I’m dying or gravely ill.
I remember how much better things were, back in the ‘90s. You didn’t have them doing day surgeries on you, and then send you home. They’d actually monitor you for a few days (or weeks). The staff behaved professionally too. They actually cared about easing the suffering of geriatric patients back then too, whereas now you see them care very little, if a woman in her 90s is screaming out in agony.
I have very little respect for medical staff nowadays. They treat patients like cattle. I’m already disabled and chronically ill. I’m actually terrified of what my life will be like, once I turn 70. Because my body will have deteriorated quite a fair bit within 40 years. I’ll have to put my life into the hands of people who are very cavalier about how they treat people.
The problem, is that most people don’t care, because right now, they’re healthy. I remember when I wasn’t in pain, and was relatively healthy. Then within a matter of months after my 25th birthday, my health declined rapidly. You never think it’ll happen to you, until it does.

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  1. I absolutely would HATE universal healthcare. I don’t even like the system with insurance in the US. I have experienced the difference when I was paying cash to a Dr, I had done that for the past 5 years. It was Excellent care. A good Dr helps you stay healthy using holestic health.
    Now I’m seeing a primary within the military government system and its worse than subpar. Its like McDonald’s type drs. They dont even have you get on the table and check you out from head to toe like they should do and did back in the old days for complete physical. They hardly touch you at all. Listen to your lungs thats it. No, all they want are lots tests. Tests of all sorts and to treat you like they’re using a McDonald’s menu. Imo, that sucks. I recommend to anyone, if you can afford it or can find a private practice which is extremely hard these days, but DO that. It’s quality care.
    I rejected near every test. Its like they want to find something so they can do things to you to make they’re system big money. That’s why I refused. Being a long-term intractable pain patient, I’ve already decided I’m not doing anything invasive. Regular labs ok.

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