Time to move forward ?

I see a increasing number of attorney firms putting out press releases … seeking people that have been harmed/killed by medication/medical errors. It is reported that the attorney surplus is so serious that it makes the RPH surplus look like a non issue.

IMO… the number of attorneys that are “chasing” people that have personal injury claims from auto accidents and other such situation… is reaching a saturation point… or has already reached a saturation point. The legal profession has to start looking for “fresh meat” to go after…

It would appear that pharmacy and healthcare is going to be their “new frontier” for lawsuits.

IMO.. those within the profession of pharmacy has allowed ourselves to be pushed or coerced into a position that we are having to function at such a speed that med errors are going to happen… it is not a matter of if… it is not a matter of when.. it is a matter of HOW MANY… and how serious…

I am starting to add to my website www.steveariens.com links to attorney firms that are now looking for pts that have been adversely affected by  medication errors.

Just because you don’t write up the med error report… doesn’t mean that it can’t be tracked back to you.. If you don’t have your own professional liability insurance… you had better get it… making a medication error is in violation of  the practice act and your company’s policies and procedures…  You violate your company’s policy and procedures.. they don’t have to stand behind you and/or defend you.. over a medication error…

If you think that your corporate employer is going to bale you out when you cause a med error…  you had better think again… remember they are getting calls daily from RPH’s who want your job..

If you are getting the impression that the odds are stacking up against you…  you may be right !

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there
Will Rogers
Just think what will happen when you are at the wrong place at the wrong time ?

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  1. I heard this weekend about a local error… The patient was pissed and I don’t think this one is going to be bought off with a gift card. The RPH that wrote up the error will in my opinion take the fall with the PDM and DM. This RPH in recent weeks found multiple errors made by the same RPH. What is distracting the RPH from doing their most important function?? CVS WE CARE=FAIL.

  2. Steve, much of what you say it true. However, in this litigous nation, if an employee pharmacist doesn’t have his own liability insurance, they are playing with fire and seriously should have a cranial examination

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