The new corporate morality ?

The Problem With Squeezing Employees Too Hard

From the article:

These are still tough economic times, which means business owners are asking employees to do more with less. It might be logical or even necessary, but be warned: It creates risk for fraud and corruption, according to a new study by Ernst & Young.

In surveying 3,000 board members, managers and their teams in 36 countries, the study found pushing your team to meet tough targets with fewer resources and less compensation raises the risk for unethical behavior including bribery and number fudging.

  • One in five respondents have seen financial corruption in their companies.
  • 57 percent believe that bribery and corruption are widespread in their country.
  • 42 percent of board directors and senior managers are aware of some type of irregular financial reporting in their company.

It’s easy to shrug these findings off as only being relevant to businesses in other industries where shady dealings run rampant. But plenty of people think their firm is squeaky clean and are clueless as to what’s going on. 

The last sentence is the most disturbing… how many RPH’s do you know that believes whatever the word is that comes down from C-suite with information out there that refutes the “corporate story” ?


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  1. If she gets fired because she loaned a few albuterol to a neighboring pharmacy, jeez, I see it coming now, getting fired for the following…..How many of us out there have ‘given’ our patients a couple of days supply no charge because the doctor never responded to the fax or the patient ran out on a weekend and can’t get the doctor to renew the Rx until Monday or after a holiday. I’m talking only very important meds such as blood pressure, diabetes, asthma type, I never did controlled substances. (My cancer patients always were able to get ahold of the doc after hours for me….Then when the doc renews the rx we just take out the number we gave time to cover and bill as if they got the full amount that day. . One time the patients doctor was on vacation and I asked for someone else in the practice to look at his chart….they refused, said, it wasn’t their patient, I’m talking Lanoxin here. .Regular customer, gave him a weeks worth and took care of it when he came back. I made sure to express my disappointment that no other physician in the office would even look at the chart and give me a one time renewal. . It wasn’t like I was asking for Vicodin. Once in a while, we would also just go ahead and renew it one time and talk to the doc after….I don’t remember any of the doctors I dealt with ever having a problem with that. I have become pretty disgusted with the way we can no longer put our patients health as priority. I guess if we can no longer do that, I’m sure the step will be to shut the family members up with gift cards or undisclosed settlements and fines to the government when the patients drop dead because we couldn’t help them out…..oh and fire us for not helping. I’m sure the tech snitches are out the watching….

  2. Long time reader…..first time blogger. In a word….f#%k ’em. I, for one, am tired of this s**t. I am a LONG TIME certified technician with some pharmacy college background. My wife, however, is a 25 year pharmacist who recently (Nov. ’12) was “fired” from walmart for loaning out $3 worth of albuterol to a neighboring pharmacy for a pediatric patient who was discharged from a hospital on a Friday evening. Her intent was to let her colleague “TAKE CARE OF THEIR PATIENT!! The “loan” was paid back the following Monday, the next “business day”, even though in walmart’s eyes, it was a misappropriation of property, and she had absolutely no right to do that. Professional judgement be damned!!. In hindsight, all involved, according the the know-it-all people at the top, should have let the poor child suffer until Monday morning.

    I realize I’m off topic here, but enough is enough. When are these corporate bastards going to learn that what goes around comes around. We are in the healthcare PROFESSION and, if the PROFESSIONALS aren’t there to serve the needs of the company, then the company, itself, is no longer PROFESSIONAL!
    Stupid f**ks! Let’s see how much motor oil and charcoal they can sell??

    In the mean time, we are opening our own “hole-in-the-wall” pharmacy in a small village that is currently served by walmart/CVS/medicine shoppe 15 miles to the east, and walmart/CVS/Kroger 17 miles to the west. To say that we are out in the middle of nowhere is an understatement. The response has been over-whelming and heart-warming, to way the least.

    People, our patients, are tired of the bulls**t that the “BIG GUYS” are handing out….”we don’t have it…we can “special” order it…..we can only give you a three day supply since that’s all we have on hand, so you will have to make yet ANOTHER 30 mile round-trip back to the pharmacy to pick up the balance of your prescription–sorry, we didn’t have time to call you and tell you…..”. The list goes on and on. Hell, at our little pharmacy, we even offer to go the the patients house to PICK up the RX if they have no other means of getting it to us, take the rx back to the pharmacy, fill the order, then make a second trip back to their home to deliver it to them and even COUNSEL them on it. Let’s see those f**king know-it-alls do that, those money-hungry, suit-wearing shitheads!

    I’ve said enough. But don’t get me started. I have PLENTY more to say.

    If you feel like posting this to your blog, be my guest. You have my permission.

    Rest assured, I WILL have more, much more, to say later.


    Medicine Man

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