This video is a couple of years old BUT INTERESTING

I have always been told that there is THREE SIDES to every story.  My side, your side and THE TRUTH. Where this video and the story related falls in that spectrum is for others to determine

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  1. If your motives are not pure,their is no truth in your words,,Hopefully sooner then later they will ALL be held accountable for sanctioning, commiting,,outright lies and of course, promoting,thus ,commiting torture in the healthcare setting as their new commodity.A commodity,that has killed and tortured 1000’s to their early graves,from treatable
    medical conditions,,,,,jmo,,maryw

  2. Thank you for bringing attention to the efforts of these two wonderful women and to our situation and thank you for posting the video as I have not yet gone that far back in their You Tube videos. Shasta and Lauren have formed a very powerful organization, CIAAG. Here is the link to CIAAG. It is very informative and gives steps on how to promote change. They can also be found on Face Book.

  3. Where the hell is the ACLU already?! I know many of us have reached out to them and…crickets…This government sanctioned torture must end!

  4. What they did to us was wrong. I will never forget what I experienced that day. I was frightened beyond belief. Scared. I will admit that. Thank you Steve for posting and sharing what happened. Something is wrong in America.

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