this is the result of our FDA lacking the cojones and chutzpah to make these dangerous procedure ILLEGAL

I have read where 5% of pts that get ESI ( Epidural Spinal Injections) will end up with arachnoiditis it is very painful – irreversible disease – These type of ESI are ILLEGAL in just a few countries, but our FDA and Pfizer that makes the most used med in these injections – DO NOT RECOMMEND this med to be used in ESI – apparently our FDA has neither the chutzpah nor cojones to ban these dangerous procedures

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  1. I am so happy I refused this procedure !! Makes no sense offering up this dangerous procedure over providing pain medications .

  2. This is “THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!!” some would have you believe. Where else would national “MEDICAL AUTHORITIES” deny you the right to have enough medicine to allow you to perform only the VERY BASIC functions of an adult with a family, but get monthly injections RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR SPINAL CORD of medicine which is UNAPPROVED for that particular use??

  3. Our FDA is so corrupt nothing is actually done that is moral and ethical…just so pharma brings bags n bags of ca$h….

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