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  1. I didn’t know the War on Drugs (PEOPLE) was in other countries too. I thought it was just a paranoid Nixon nightmare, but then the world tends to follow our lead on all horrific policies.

    How much longer until EVERYONE finally decides to call their elected “representative” and tell them what’s happening to them or their loved one? I’ve made so many calls and sent emails in the last 4 years but don’t hear of anyone else in my state calling. They might be and I don’t know it but my State Senator says that NOBODY ELSE hears from constituents who are suffering, so they don’t see the need to change anything. As long as complaining on FB is all people do, we’ll never get them back. PLEASE, call your state AND federal reps!! A few calls change nothing but MILLIONS of calls would more likely have an impact.

    Please people!! Call them and tell them they’re just as guilty of Crimes Against Humanity as those who voted FOR the ACA and the DEA agents that have arrested all the doctors that did their jobs, scaring the rest. Doing nothing at all isn’t changing anything…

    • I have been told about a certain Federal Senator that goes to a pain clinic and the physician gets a staffer to come into the office at 4AM-5AM so that the Senator can “pee in a cup test”… which would suggest that this Senator gets adequate pain management. Apparently all done “off the radar”

  2. How any caring medical professional or government can inflict this torture on anyone in obvious, dire need of pain relief, is the very definition of pure evil.

  3. His statement towards the end shows that obviously he didn’t do his homework. This travesty is definitely happening here in the United States!

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