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In Wake of Federal Cuts, Pain Society Starts Private Research Fund

From the article:

The American Pain Society (APS) is asking private donors to help fill the void in funding of pain research grants, a void caused by reduced government funding.

“Breakthroughs in pain medicine depend on scientific research to discover new treatment options, but reduced government funding threatens to restrict pain research achievements in the future,” said Roger B. Fillingim, PhD, APS president. “The American Pain Society has had success with three major private grant programs that have generated excellent science, and we believe the time is right to make a wide appeal for private donations to increase pain research funding.”
    At a news briefing, Dr. Fillingim described a “pain research conundrum” in which promising studies abound but dwindling dollars are available to fund grants that can turn discoveries into therapies. He said budget cuts at the National Institutes of Health are expected to limit funding for pain grants for many years. 

NIH spends twice as much on research on drug abuse abt ONE BILLION.. as part of the 51 BILLION in fighting the war on drugs … and

spends abt 500 MILLION on research of chronic pain …

Sixteen times more people suffer with chronic pain than abuse some substance.. so the NIH spends twice as much on research on drug abuse… makes sense to who ?


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  1. Law enforcement, all those new fancy spa like treatment centers advertising on TV, the progressive left who promote the nanny state telling you what you can and cannot eat, drink or healthcare treatment you can get (including medications).

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