A new war on chronic pain pts ?

California counties sue over painkiller marketing


From the article:

Two California counties have filed a lawsuit accusing five drug companies of waging a campaign of deception to boost the sales of painkillers behind the nation’s prescription drug addiction problem.

Orange and Santa Clara counties filed the suit Wednesday in Orange County Superior Court, alleging false advertising, unfair competition and creating a public nuisance.

Much like the legal attack on tobacco companies two decades ago by many states, the current lawsuit accuses the drug manufacturers of making misleading and false claims about the safety of products consumed annually by millions of Americans.

Maybe they should sue the drug cartels for creating a public nuisance ?  How about the farmers in Afghanistan where a lot of the opium plants grow ?

The money from the tobacco lawsuit.. the states have diverted the money to other purposes…

CDC Faults State Spending on Anti-Smoking Efforts


The CDC studied state income from tobacco taxes and settlement payments along with state spending on tobacco control and investment from 1998 to 2010. The analysis found that states had spent a combined $8.1 billion on efforts to reduce tobacco use — $21.1 billion less than they would have if states followed the CDC’s Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control released in 1999.

We have had a war on poverty – and people are still poor

We have had a war on hunger – and people are still hungry

We had “no child left behind” – (war on stupid kids) – and we still have stupid people

I am sure that I have overlooked some “war” that we have declared and may or may not still be fighting… but has anyone noticed that the last war that we won was WW II and that took two A-bombs ?

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