The other side of the fence !

This is a real education for those of us in healthcare.. who have never been on the patient side of the fence.

While this young lady is being treated for cancer… a patient is a patient.. in the hospital or the other side of counter.. they are interacting with you because they have some sort of minor/major health issue… and .. they are expecting you to help them deal with them managing their health issues.

The end of the video reminded me of a interaction that I had with a Mother and her 20 something mentally challenged son.  I was temping at a “Big Box Store”.The Mother had told the son to stay in the car while she went to pick up his prescriptions.. he didn’t listen and showed up at the Rx counter. The two technicians that I was working with.. was talking/dealing with the Mom..  After a short period of time the son was obviously becoming increasingly upset and anxious. One of the techs told me that he always got this way at the register.

It was obvious that things were not going in the right direction.. he was wanting a particular medication as a “yellow capsule” and not the color that was in inventory.. and becoming very upset because he was not getting his “yellow capsule” medication.

He was talking and neither tech was listening to him.. but.. talking directly with the Mother.. I had previously worked in outpatient mental health facilities.. so this is not the first time that I had seen such a situation..

I started talking directly to the son.. I explained to him that we didn’t have the “yellow capsules” in stock.. and not sure what manufacturer made a “yellow capsule”…but.. that if he could find out and get back with us.. that we would do our best to order it for him the next time..  He had his preference and no one was listening to him… He left the Rx counter content with that he may be able to get his “yellow capsules” the next time.. and he left at the Rx counter with two technicians with their mouths dropped opened.. saying .. he has never left here without creating a scene.

It is a shame that all too many healthcare professionals have to become a patient.. before they figure out how a patient should be treated.

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