Buyer Be Ware !

So you want to be a highly paid.. highly respected PharmD/healthcare professional ?

Have you ever seen the shoreline before a Tsunami hits a shore line ?… The water at the shore pulls back dramatically… and the shore or beach has a “shortage” of water.. Think 10 yrs ago .. as the pharmacy profession switched to the all PharmD program and there were few graduates for one whole year…

Then using the tsunami analogy… here comes a huge wave.. sometimes hundreds of feet high .. and everything at the normal ocean level… becomes flooded.. a “surplus” of water..

Think over the last 5-10 years as the flood of new schools graduating a tsunami of newly minted PharmD’s.. and you end up with a situation as outlined in the email that showed up in my inbox today… from a soon to be newly minted PharmD.

I’m about to graduate and there are literally no jobs at all in greater xxxx area. Trust me I’ve been screaming like a lunatic at the Deans office at my university how they are pimping us as free labor. I’ve used the entire pimp and hoe analogy. How we give them all the money we earn just for a very in satisfying ride. Universities have realized that they can make money with out the guarantee of jobs for our futures. This is the education bubble. What’s your advice ? Walgreens even came to our job fair offering us 8.00 dollars an hour. These chains have been pushing for pharmacy schools to open enrollment just so they can have this flood of pharmacist and pay and use them till the next batch gets out. This was not the dream I was sold when embarking on this journey. Just one more rant how the hell is marijuana not being controlled by us!?!?!?

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