The opioid crisis: Part 1 — The roots of addiction | FACES OF POLICY


The opioid crisis: Part 2 — The worst pain you can imagine | FACES OF POLICY

The opioid crisis: Part 3 — A purpose in life | FACES OF POLICY





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  1. This is what pain patients have been resorting to, at home withdrawal, and unsolicited medical advice on the internet. The media told us that the addicted had plenty of “choices” and access to MAT. Pain patients however were not only demonized they were blamed for the heroin and fentanyl overdoses.

    No regulatory agency tracked any of this, as they came after physicians and pharmacists, instead of the pharmaceutical industry. To date not one pharma CEO has been jailed, while the media continues to blame sick people and people with pain, to distract from the corporate malfeasance, and political corruption.

    Here is another one of the CDC’s and FDA’s unintended consequences, the adulterants in the illegal drugs are even worse than the drugs themselves. of course no agency is analyzing this or tracking the hospitalizations and deaths. They chose to focus on pain patients instead.

  2. I’ve been on Opiads since 2006 and recently been dropped cold turkey. This past month. I’m down to my last 20 pills . After that Who knows what I’m gonna have to go out and find in the streets. I can’t seem to find help from my primary doctor or my surgeon that got me this way . I pray every day . How did it have to end this way . I need professional help . I live with chronic back pain. Every doctor needs 4-6 weeks to review medical history. I need a doctor this week. Panic mode is setting in .

    • Street stuff holds several disastrous possible outcomes. Contamination, too strong, arrest, robbery. No one said you have to take the whole pill so chip a period dot size flake. Withdrawal can be the end and doesn’t have to be the end. It DOES stop after a while. You can’t work. Plan on staying n bed. Chlonidine is the best withdrawal prescription drug. Next I had to use Vitamin C (not called the stress vitamin for nothing), ibuprofen, aspirin, maybe tylenol if you liver is ok. Maybe Magnesium, not too much, can make for lethargy in too much, avoid a lot of salt. Stay hydrated, but you will sweat a lot. Food, or no food, I don’t know, so eat. Sleep will fail for a while. If you need to twitch and jerk, twitch and jerk, it kind of shakes it out. Get that Chlonidine.

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