The Doctor Game: Medical care main cause of death

The Doctor Game: Medical care main cause of death

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, may be rolling over in his grave. Why? He preached “First, do no harm”.

I recently read a report in the Journal of Molecular Medicine called Death by Medicine. It’s the most damning medical report card ever issued.

It claims huge numbers of patients are being injured and killed by conventional medicine. There’s also a big surprise there.

A huge, meticulous study concluded that every year in the U.S conventional medicine kills 800,000 patients. Compare this figure to 700,000 that die of heart disease and 500,000 from cancer.

The report claims that 7.5 million medical and surgical procedures are unnecessary. Another 8.9 million patients are admitted needlessly to hospital and 2.2 million patients suffer adverse reactions to prescription drugs. The cost of this treatment? 282 billion dollars.

It’s appalling that every year 20 million people are treated with antibiotics for viral infections. But viral infections are not affected by antibiotics, only infections caused by bacteria!

The survey authors say past studies have concentrated on individual medical care rather than the big picture. They show that, during a 10 year period, 50 percent of the U.S. population will receive unnecessary medical care.

During this time medical care will kill 7.8 million people. This is more than all the casualties from all the wars fought by the U.S. in its entire history!

The Journal of the American Medical Association adds that one million patients are injured annually in the U.S and that 280,000 die due to these injuries. Compare this to 45,000 killed in car accidents.

Another prestigious publication, The New England Journal of Medicine, states that one in four patients admitted to hospital suffers a medical error. The majority of these mistakes involve drugs for depression, painkillers such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular drugs.

At this point I wouldn’t blame readers asking, “What the hell is going on? Isn’t medicine supposed to save lives, not make it the number one killer?”

So why is it happening? Some problems are due to tired doctors and nurses. Or the failure to use only specially trained doctors in intensive care units. Or because doctors and hospitals fail to report complications for fear of litigation. The list is as long as your arm.

The authors conclude with a shocking indictment that conventional medical treatment is the main cause of death in the United States! In fact, they believe most of the figures are under-reported and the death toll is equal to six jumbo jets crashing every day in the U.S.

The survey covers problems that I’ve reported for years. That young children taking Ritalin are being programmed for a life on drugs. That big pharma has spent 2.5 billion dollars claiming it’s educating the public while increasing its own bottom line.

That the public is misled and programmed to illness by nightly TV diagnoses.

Dr. John Goffman, an expert on radiation, warns that in the future 75 percent of cancers will be the result of excessive radiation from X-rays, CT scans, mammography and fluoroscopy. He reports that an X-ray of the chest results in 2MREM of radiation. But an angiogram to detect coronary disease results in 460 to 1580 MREM!

Since this report is devastating, what should medical consumers do to protect themselves? Look on it as a big wakeup call, get smart and don’t become one of these statistics.

Never believe that even minor surgery is risk free. If hospitalized, understand that the sooner you leave, the safer you will be. Be extremely cautious about radiation. Don’t take a painkiller for every ache and pain. There’s no free lunch with medication. “Pillitis” is killing people.

Above all else, take the least number of prescription drugs as they all have unintended consequences. Remember what I have stressed so often in my columns. It’s prudent to try natural remedies first before prescription medication. Why? Because there are no dead bodies due to natural remedies.

So what is the big surprise? The report was published in 2005! Today we have more drugs, greater exposure to radiation, more invasive procedures, still questionable use of antibiotics, etc. etc.

Will we ever learn from history?

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  1. When I had my baby I had to have a emergency C-section in which I lost a lot of blood & got a staph infection. What was supposed to be a 2 day hospital stay, ended up being a 10 day stay & would have been more had I not begged the doc to let me out & promise to come to his office everyday.
    The problem was that antibiotics were not stopping the infection & I was getting sicker & sicker. The reason they did not work was because I used to get chronic strep throat that led to rheumatic fever which required me to take a lot of antibiotics & to be pre medicated everytime I went to the dentist, even for just a cleaning (every 4-6mo.)
    I ended up being on a mixture of antibiotics that included one that was not yet approved by the fda.
    My doc risked his lic. to do this, but he told me that he could not watch a 21yr old new mom just lay there & die, plus he was retiring in a mo. anyway!
    He also said that the blood loss & infection was do to negligence of the doc that did the C-section. I was going to sue, but had no proof due to the fact that the doc that did it was NOWHERE in my medical records, instead it was another doc that sat on a stool & watched!

    Celebrex ruined my life as it caused me to have uncontrollable high bp & congestive heart failure! I have had 7 mini strokes so far & am on 3 different bp meds & still it runs too high (on meds. ave. 150/109 w/o meds ave. 225/123!) It is no longer if I have a major stroke, but when I’ll have it!!! I won’t even go into how docs tortured & killed my mom over a 26 yr period!!

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