TENN: KENT MORRELL FOR SENATE 2020 – chronic pain pt … running for political office




Why I’m Running for Senate

“A house divided against itself
​cannot stand.”

Abraham Lincoln quoting Mark 3:25Our country is painfully divided along every conceivable fault line. We do not have much time to right our ship. I am running for U.S. Senate to help bring about the sea change we must have to flourish: a return to common-sense policies that benefit all Americans, fiscal responsibility and civility.

​The world looks to America to be a bright city on a hill
​and a beacon of hope. Our best days are not behind us,
but are indeed ahead of us.  

Won’t you join me in this monumental
​and worthy endeavor?

Patient, Advocate, Small-Business Owner and Tennessean Through & Through!

“My journey for U.S. Senate really began two years ago, when my last pain management doctor dropped me as a patient,” Morrell said explaining his challenges with our healthcare system. A car accident in 2000 left him with muscular and spinal injuries requiring over 200 doctor visits, procedures and surgeries.

“New state and federal regulations are punishing doctors for not sticking to the official cookie-cutter approach to pain management. My doctor feared the government. Fear can make people do terrible things,” Morrell said.

“I ended up finding a better treatment option on my own,” Morrell said explaining the effectiveness of medical cannabis with pain management, which is increasingly supported by medical studies. 

Since 2015, Morrell has been a familiar face in Nashville advocating at the state level with Safe Access Tennessee, which is part of the national organization Americans for Safe Access. Safe Access provides science-based educational resources about the importance of treatment options to legislators and offers advocacy training across Tennessee. Morrell is chairman of the Knoxville chapter and joined the state organization’s board in 2017.

“I fight for change because I have to. I can’t let this happen to other people! I don’t want my friends or family to experience the nightmare I went through for almost 20 years. Patients need treatment options now” Morrell said.

“It’s time to fix our healthcare system and remove the government from doctor-patient relationships. Let’s fix this,” Morrell emphasized.

In addition to his advocacy work, Morrell is President and CEO of Indoor Oceans, a small business he founded in 1993.   

From a family of educators, Morrell grew up within earshot of Bristol Motor Speedway’s “Thunder Valley” and is a seventh generation east Tennessean. He is married, has four adult children and close family members currently serving in the armed services.

His Tennessee heritage and life experiences make Kent Morrell an insightful and uncommon candidate for U.S. Senate … a patient, not a politician.


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  1. Steve he is an intractable chronic pain patient and is running 100% for the restoration of our pain medicine for intractable pain patients and all of the other Americans to check out his story on Kent m o r e l l

  2. I would need to know where this candidate stands on the “untreated pain crisis” in this country and exactly what he intends to do about it. All candidates “make great noise” when running for office, but (once in) are as corrupt as those before them. If they aren’t corrupt when entering congress, they are forced into corruption by the system that is in place.

  3. Wish there were smart ones in N.Y. running for ANYTHING!! We have the biggest cesspools of idiots representing us.. I would vote for you Mr.Morrell if I lived in TN Good luck to you!!

    • All pieces of a dog done everywhere prop Kool-Aid drinking drunks from morning of government to the other.. from the DEA to the White House

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