Dr. Thomas Kline, MD, PhD: Medical Myths Revealed: COVID-19 getting back to normal with control plans

COVID-19 getting back to normal with control plans

Nobody should resume their work, going back to school, or reopening without a written control plan.


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  1. Thanks Dr. Kline! I really like your videos.
    My commentary: WHEN covid-19 is able to be managed effectively, pain management patients will STILL be under “lockdown”, with inability to function, physically, somewhat “normally” because of a damn “guideline” that “good” physicians KNOW is a BS “guideline”. ENFORCED “tapering” down to a “one size fits all” dosage is absolute BS! President Trump even stated that covid-19 is causing, depression, stress, and even suicidal tendencies. TRY dealing with 24/7 pain with NOWHERE to turn! WE the PMP”s will STILL being with the “side effects” that Trump himself mentioned on national television……most likely until we give up or die from the “side effects” of degenerating physical AND mental STRESS from under managed and even non managed lifetime pain issues.Covid-19 will most likely be able to be dealt with, soon hopefully. WE, the PMP’s will STILL be dealing with under managed and in some cases non managed pain. My “two cents worth”!

    • Hayden;
      you are so right, unfortunately for us CPPs/PMPs. It’s a situation that is so far beyond tragedy, or criminal, or…I can’t even think of a good descriptive word for it, & I’ve actually got a large vocabulary (lifelong addict…to books). I’m pretty sure one doesn’t exist.

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