Survey: would you BOYCOTT CVS because of new opiate dispensing policy ?

CVS Health recently announced that it will limit new opioid prescriptions for acute pain to a 7 day supply. CVS pharmacies will also require that daily doses be no higher than 90mg morphine equivalent units for both acute and chronic pain. Customers must also use immediate release formulations before extended release opioids are dispensed. This policy, which is meant to reduce opioid abuse and misuse, will become effective February 1, 2018.


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  1. I agree with all of you. I keep posting to their FB page demanding an answer on how they will help me, an opiate user who follows my Drs rules, gets piss tested 4x a year, and so forth. Until they hold an actual MDs license like my Doctor they WILL NOT dictate what my Doctor can prescribe. However, I have a Walmart plan, and I spoke to them today on their policy. My local store requires 5 days notice and a script in hand before they will even order my meds. My Dr requires 7 days notice of intent to refill. So, what, do I have to start planning 12 days ahead to make sure I get my medication on time? As it is my Dr will not allow me to refill until the day I am out of it.

  2. I wrote a letter and emailed it today saying I would be discontinuing using them now and in the future because of this new policy.

  3. Absolutely will boycott CVS! Now all the sudden the pharmacist knows more about your medical condition than the doctor who prescribed you the medication? I think not. They f right off!

  4. Screw CVS! Tell them they have no right to interfere with my doctors prescription! They just want to “look good” how in gods name will this ever reduce opioid addiction?

  5. To all chronic pain patients: PLEASE BOYCOTT CVS!!!

  6. Moving my prescriptions from CVS tomorrow. Telling them why when I do it too. A pharmacy has no business controlling my medication this way.

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