Statistically chronic pain pts DON’T EXIST !

I was listening to Rep Pelosi & Senator Warren being asked questions today by reporters in regards to 650 million barrels of Russ crude oil that the USA purchases every day and both were asked “should we stop buying crude oil from Russia ?”  and both made similar statements – our economy will be just fine without the Russian crude oil.  That answer, totally out of context, seems rather benign.

Of course Pelosi’s net worth is estimated at 120 million and Warren’s net worth estimated at a measly 12 million. The crude oil that we purchase from Russia amounts to high single digits of the oil that the USA uses every day.  So all those families that can afford to pay $5-$6-$7/gal for fuel and be able to cut their oil consumption by upwards of 10% –  will be just fine.  Which I am sure that includes Pelosi & Warren.

It has been recently reported that 62.5% of USA families are living PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK… even some families making $100,000/yr and the average household income is in the 60K-70K range.

We have all heard “horror stories” about how the CDC tracks “some death numbers”… every year they publish deaths from the FLU… but they only ESTIMATE those deaths. There has been reports that the CDC when dealing with OD’s, that they count “as a death” each substance that shows up in toxicology – and it is claimed that the typical OD toxicology report will show 4 to 7 different substances…. so can ONE OD … be counted as up to 7 different OD deaths ?

Why did I title this post as  – Statistically chronic pain pts DON’T EXIST ! – ..  If a pt has their pain meds reduced or eliminated … and ends up with blood pressure in the “stroke territory” and the pt dies from a stroke or heart attack – their death certificate will state stroke/heart attack… NOT … consequences of under/untreated pain.

Unless, the pt’s toxicology shows some opiates in it.. even a minor amount – and then most likely the death will be classified as “opiate related death” or “opiate use disorder death”

Even if the pt chooses their “final option” to end their tortuously level of pain…  if their death is a “mechanically cause suicide ” … their death is just a self-inflicted suicide or if they used their meds as their final option…  death will be determined to be a “opiate OD”.

I am sure that everyone has heard someone make the statement ” pain never killed anyone” and apparently the CDC death numbers just backup that misconception.



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  1. Ohhh i know the senators baldwin and johnson of wisconsin know we exist.About 3-4 years ago now,,i specifically ask senator baldwins to put a box on all death certificates ,”death due to forced physical pain from medical condition,”I was informed i was speaking to ,”Sarah,senator baldwins intern,but her communication from baldwin was,and i quote,,,”prove it,”Prove that person died from forced physical pain,,To her point,,I am sure they have and will continue to deny our right to have our deaths recorded honestly.They do not want it recorded how many they have willfully killed,from a treatable condtion.Now with our Vets hospital,ie,”Tomah V.A. being the poster boy for fake opiate addiction,,they will never let the truth be shown here or in America,,that they have killed,medically tortured,tortured to literal death 10,000s,,,,Soo we have to go outside of the U.S. to prove this and end this genocide,however,,w/Russia going nuts, i think our cause will be put on a back burner for now???maryw

  2. “Pain never killed anyone.” When I was still at my old pain management clinic, Tricia Porch- Pettit loved to say that to me. They were reducing my meds dramatically, it was happening to everyone. I wasn’t handling the militant reduction of my meds well, and at one office visit, I broke down and sobbed. This seemed to infuriate her, and she became hostile and mocking. This was a woman, who just 2 years earlier, told me how she understood how pain had such a disastrous impact on lives, and how she was there to help. She had increased my meds until I was comfortable and productive. When the CDC Guidelines hit, she showed her true colors. Suddenly nobody really had pain, and we were all addicts and needed to be treated with Belbuca.
    At every subsequent visit, she became increasingly rude to me, literally sneering at me while I talked. I was heartbroken to leave the clinic I had been at for 10 years, but God led me to my wonderful Palliative care doctor, where I have been treated wonderfully. During my med reduction, my bp was sky high. I’m convinced I would have eventually stroked out or had a heart attack. Thank God for my current doctor.
    Sorry about the long post.

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