Freedom Med CEO Kevin Jenkins: We Are Creating Freedom Med To ‘Break Away From Tyrannical Medical System,’ ‘Build A New World Where Healthcare And Human Life Are Valued’

Freedom Med CEO Kevin Jenkins: We Are Creating Freedom Med To ‘Break Away From Tyrannical Medical System,’ ‘Build A New World Where Healthcare And Human Life Are Valued’

The vast majority of COVID-19 related deaths occur in hospitals. But they’re not dying from the disease.

Numerous doctors warn that hospitals across the United States have been adhering to dangerous CDC protocols throughout the pandemic that coerce health practitioners to essentially murder COVID 19-infected patients.

In addition to insisting patients get dangerous experimental Covid 19 vaccinations, doctors are reportedly providing hospitalized COVID 19 patients Remdesivir, a drug that causes renal failure and pulmonary edema and then putting them on mechanical ventilators, a procedure that typically results in death.

Now, Americans who no longer trust the medical establishment have a new option.

Freedom Med launched this week, a telemedicine company that is “uniting medical professionals to protect your constitutional medical rights and enable you to take back your health” (signing up through this link and the links below benefits Gateway Pundit).

“Freedom Med is a new health care company that is going to be focused on changing the health in the country,” Freedom Med CEO Kevin Jenkins told the Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview. “Freedom Med is going to give us the opportunity to select some of the greatest doctors on this planet and give opportunities to people all over the country to be able to get the proper care. They will not be turned away. It will be singularly focused on changing the culture of health in this country.

“I know something about medical racism, about medical apartheid and it’s a sad day in this country when these companies when our government is financing them to commit homicide on American citizens,” he said. “This is not the first time we have gone through this in this country. If you go back and research the 1800s we were going through the same thing, compulsory vaccines. This is why we are creating FreedomMed, so we can break away from this medical tyranny, so we can build a new world where healthcare and human life will be valued. This is about bringing more value, more transparency to the doctor, patient relationship.

While doctors across the country break their Hippocratic oath, denying life-saving treatment to critically ill patients, the team of medical experts with Freedom Med are “going to break that cycle, building trust, building transparency, building a relationship with your patient, getting the patient to understand that we value life,” Jenkins explained.

We value their health. It’s important that people start to understand that we can break away with this tyrannical system, that we can build something new. We can create solutions. We can create opportunities for people to build a better healthy life. Right now in America, we are some of the sickest people in the world.

We are going to be bringing transparency. We are going to be bringing amazing doctors to the table that cover all of the disciplines and medicines that we think are important to build a healthy community. Freedom Med is where it’s going to happen. You’ve got to follow us because If you join us at, you are going to see where we are going with this — top-notch doctors, top-notch healthcare, people that are coming up with solutions, people that value human life, people that value children. It’s time for us to break away from this system.

Expert immunologist Dr. Vladmire Zelenko announced on Friday that he has partnered with Freedom Med to institute “a brand new concept in health care.”

Zelenko, an early advocate for the use of hydroxychloroquine and a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, is calling on medical practitioners who have been penalized, suspended or criminalized and risked loosing their careers during the pandemic for providing effective treatments to patients despite hospital protocols to join the team at Freedom Med:

“We are recruiting doctors for a telemedicine national service. The doctors we want to recruit are those that believe that each human being is made in the image of God and that their lives have sanctity and that the needs of the patient must always come first. The last two years have shown us the exact opposite. The majority of the medical profession has sacrificed their patients to their own fears, bureaucracy, lack of innovation, lack of thought. Basically, most doctors follow directions and are just following orders and did what they knew was wrong. They let patients go home with no treatment and develop consequences and complications and lung damage and blood clots.

As we know now in retrospect, we could have prevented 85 percent of hospitalizations and deaths if we treated people in the right time frame. Those doctors that did try to do that were fired — mid-level providers, physician assistants, nurse practitioners,  clerical staff — anyone who dare advocate for keeping people alive was penalized, sanctioned, brought before medical boards —  those are the doctors I want. Those are the people, mid-level providers, nursing staff, medical assistants, clerical staff, secretaries — those are the people I want, who care for myself, my family, my patients. That’s what Freedom Med is about. There is a tremendous amount of talent out there due to the outright abuse by the medical profession of these wonderful people. The good thing is now we know who the doctors are. We know who the decent human beings are. We are going to revolutionize the standard of care.

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  1. Steve, Will they treat pain patients and Rx opioids?
    If yes, I think many without current insurance and/or without needed pain management meds would join/pay the $200/month.

  2. Isn’t this “concierge” medical care? Who, on a fixed income, can afford it???

    • it could well evolve into that sort of medical practice, but the system that we have now abt 10% of our population have no health insurance… either because of costs or preexisting conditions… or both. The system that we have now is not working.. We have too many entities that are more focused on generating revenue and profits… the pt is just a conduit that they can use to get $$$ into their coffers. Healthcare needs more pts that are involved in their healthcare and more healthcare providers that think outside of the box. i just wonder how many pt would not have died over the last two years, if they hadn’t of put off seeking healthcare until things were very critical. Passive pts tend to get poor outcomes. In my lifetime, out healthcare system has went from a time/place that pts were suppose to be PASSIVE… then there came a time when pt were suppose to be ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS IN THEIR CARE… we seems to be moving back to where were where we were 60+ yrs ago… the practitioner is all knowing and the pt are suppose to be passive/submissive. where our healthcare system settles out between corporate greed and better pts care is still a unknown. We didn’t get where we are at over night and where we end up will not happen over night either

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