Something that came my way !

Here is a quote from this one webpage…

“The role of our 25,000 pharmacists is to dispense medicines safely, accurately and efficiently, provide counseling to patients, and oversee pharmacy technicians.”

Under the direct supervision of pharmacists, technicians perform the non-professional aspects of the prescription-filling process, such as clerical duties, data entry, inventory management and several other administrative functions. “

So you RPH’s that work for CVS… they have put in writing… what your primary role is… If the company/DM are pushing on you to accomplish metrics that you don’t have time/staffing to get accomplished… you need to remind them what your PRIMARY ROLE is ! AND one of those primary functions is COUNSELING PATIENTS !

Out of that definition … the only adjective that is probably NOT IN YOUR PRACTICE ACT is “efficiently”… the rest of that statement is the basically restating the gist of the practice act.

Likewise, if they stick you with a tech that HASN’T   “…. successfully complete our technician training program, which is comprised of more than 20 training modules, and demonstrate a mastery of tasks necessary for the position. “

They are not technically a tech — by the company’s standards — and should they be counted as techs and against your tech hours budget?

As they say in the healthcare field… if it is not documented … it didn’t happen… and in this case .. the company has PUBLICALLY PUBLISHED what is to happen !

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  1. Maybe I need to quit my job and work for CVS! I have it in writing. If all of their 25,000 pharmacists or even half of them or even a quarter of them came to CVS corporate and told them that they wanted this. It would have to happen. They need to lead the way. I’m going to call my CVS friends!

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