Has the NABP’s disconnect with the profession getting wider?


State Board of Pharmacy Receives National Honor

The Oklahoma  State Board of Pharmacy (OSBP) was awarded the Fred T. Mahaffe by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) in recent ceremonies in Philadelphia. The Mahaffey Award honored the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy this year for its outstanding contributions to the protection of the health, safety, and welfare of Oklahomans.

“The Board takes very seriously its charge to promote, preserve safety and welfare,” said Dr. Dorothy Gourley, Board President. The Board, in addition to fulfilling its responsibility of promulgating rules regulating the practice of pharmacy and prosecuting violations of these rules, has pushed ahead of other states in their quest to make a real difference in an area in which pharmacists have expertise – the epidemic of prescription drug abuse.”

I checked my records and could not find where the OK BOP even acknowledged receiving the email sent out by The Pharmacy Alliance in Jan to all 51 BOP’s https://www.pharmaciststeve.com/?p=457

Does this show all of you… where the BOP’s focus is… not with improving a pt’s health… not with compliance… the only SAFETY they have in mind is DRUG DIVERSION !

So you should be focusing your efforts “metrics” on the < 5% of the people that come to your counter !  THAT IS WHERE YOUR EXPERTISE IS MOST IMPORTANT !

We don’t keep public records of those we kill or harm with medication errors… but… we are on top of those who – for the most part – have mental health issues and using substance abuse to self-medicate their demons… and it is estimated that >50% of the fatal “drug overdoses” are SUICIDES…but if you read what is published… they find a body and unless they have jumped from a bridge or building, there is a bullet hole, knife sticking out of them.. and a pool of blood around them.. it is normally noted as a “accidental drug overdose”… we have to wait for toxicology…

I am not a expert on toxicology…but .. I will use common sense… how can toxicology determine if the “death by drug” was a accident or a SUICIDE?

Do you ever wonder why the government always states that once we reach 5% UNEMPLOYMENT… we are at FULL EMPLOYMENT… WHY.. is it because 5% of the otherwise persons capable of holding down a job is either “high – drunk – strung-out” on some substance…

Doesn’t it give all of us the “warm fuzzies” that all the players in this profession are on the same page ! Unfortunately, it would seem that we are all on the same page in DIFFERENT BOOKS !

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