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  1. NO oversight of dea when Trump started this opiod campaign! Still none. Going after doctors instead of illegal traffickers!! No money in that and cartels might hurt them. Congress I’m so disappointed in all of them!! These doctors in congress should reverse this and now!! I probably never vote again. They are no help to my granddaughter suffering terribly, my daughter suffering to point she is in bad mental state!@ and myself. Old people can get scripts this past year but maybe a babies dise in pills, they are placebos!@ sugar pills!! I shudder to think what other old people are suffering in hospital and nursing homes!! I have been near bedfast this month, part of last month with horrible sciatic flare in knee and low back!! Cant even shower!! I’m beyond furious at this government !! Bla bla bs committee meetings bla bla no help!

  2. As many also have used the fentanly patches,i use to use them as well,,,they worked,,The issue was,because they worked,,I would sweat from functioning,,thus the patches would fall off,,,DO NOT EVER DUCT TAPE THEM,,,WORDS FROM WISDOM LEARNED,,,,, but,,,they worked for my neuro physical pain via thoracic cord scaring,,,,It really does need to be seperate again,,,,,the medically ill,,,completely separate from addiction,,,and forever stay that way.The damage done by combining ,forcible,coercively,mental and medical has/is literally killing people,thus not for the greater good of society,,,obviously,,,,jmo,,maryw,

    • You can use Tegaderm, Duoderm, bioclusive to secure those patches, if they tend to “fall off” and if they tend to regularly fall of… it is better to use those adhesive products on when you first put the patch on.

  3. They are driving more and more people to the streets to buy these illicit drugs and I wish they had acknowledged this in the video! When CPP’s can’t get pain relief from their doctors, they can’t tolerate the intractable pain and will look for relief elsewhere!

  4. Well you could start by allowing doctors to treat pain with what ever modality the doctor thinks will help. It is way past time the government gets out from inbetween the doctor and patient.

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