Save the Date! A CMS Town Hall Webinar Event – The Opioid Crisis

Save the Date! A CMS Town Hall Webinar Event – The Opioid Crisis

The Opioid Epidemic: Approaches to Adolescents and Honored Elders

Thursday, September 6, 2018

1 p.m. – 6 p.m. ET | 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. PT

The western regional offices of The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) present an event highlighting the importance of collaboration among clinicians and community members to address the opioid crisis.The event is presented as a multi-regional webinar featuring an overview of the CMS opioid roadmap, guest speakers sharing their experience in addressing opioid use in adolescent and elder populations, and an opportunity to hear from those feeling the impact of the epidemic on a personal level.

CMS is seeking CME/CEU approval for this program.

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Andrea Patti
Pain Warrior & Advocate

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6 Responses

  1. Knock ’em dead with TRUTH….they don’t seem to recognize it!

  2. Registered.
    “Honored”?! Yeah, we seniors and the vets…..oh, let us not forget all our “honored” Oregon Medicaid pain patients!!! The disabled, chronically ill. And kids…..all marginalized, no strong lobbies or blocs, all being blamed for being young, old, very ill, or disabled or poor or a vet…..21st century lepers…re-open Willowbrook and banish us all….or Alcatraz-lol…..

    Surreal, bad acid trip-esque…..keep waiting to wake up from this theatre of the absurd, the ignorant running the show.

    Still, I will keep showing up until one day, the untreated pain the US has forced me to endure will just knock me down for the last time. I am strong but I am very tired.

    • Maggie;
      I hear ya. Ironic (or maybe demonic) that this insanity is sending all our stress levels into the stratosphere, thus increasing our pain. I’m just hoping to keep it together til after the September hearing, then collapse completely for who knows how long.

      And well put on “Surreal, bad acid trip-esque…..keep waiting to wake up from this theatre of the absurd, the ignorant running the show.” I wanna wake up, too!

      I’ve become an “activist” & preparing to testify (pointlessly, I’m sure) next month against the Oregon proposal. I know they’re not going to be diverted from this evil plan, but I’d never be able to live with myself if I didn’t try. I’ve got considerable medical research background so am reading the papers they claim to have used to justify this vile plan…the really interesting thing is, so far* NONE of the articles they cite support their proposal in any way, shape, or form. Making it abundantly clear they aren’t even pretending to have a valid reason –not that they could find valid evidence backing it, anyway.

      It’s further exhausting me & making everything worse, but I’m not gonna let this evil go down without a fight. And it IS evil.

      *it’s a long list, & includes a 300+ page UNPUBLISHED DRAFT, fa God’s sake

      • Omg are you an Oregonian? I hope not on Caid. I am Medicare, so we are big old targets of many evildoers, Congress, WH, state houses etc.
        We are lepers.
        I know testifying will be a real energy vampire and pain ratcheting event, but so glad an articulate spokesperson…Lemme know when so I can send pain free positivity—- yeah, riiiight…lol
        Talk to u soon.

        • Maggie;
          Thank you for the kind words as well as the laugh…pain free positivity…think how rich we’d be if we could bottle & sell it.
          I’m in Oregon, tho not on ‘caid, but am quite sure that when this insanity goes thru, they’ll go after me & my group next. The old saying about standing around while they took one group after another until there was no one left to stand when they came after me has been echoing in my brain a lot lately.

          Besides, the whole thing is so breathtakingly arrogant and corrupt it’s absolutely mind-boggling…I’ve never been a fan of injustice, but this campaign is right up there with the worst. I can’t not try. The more I research about these people, the angrier & more appalled I get. Clearly there’s a reason I’ve avoided getting deep in politics before…I’d rather snuggle into a roach motel…better & more moral & ethical company.

          Thank you again for your compassion & support. Lord knows we/I can use all we can get. I now vividly understand how people burn out doing this.

          Pain free positivity back atcha! 🙂

  3. “honored elders”?? IV phenergan, stat!
    But thanks for the heads-up.

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