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  1. Follow the money…..unfortunately. Why was all opiate/opioid medication reduction and maximum dosage decided by so few “experts” that is affecting so many lifetime pain patients in this country behind closed doors at CDC after a biased “study”? No public comment or pain management doctor input from various areas of the country? Very little input from actual knowledgeable people in the pain management sector of current “medicine” Sounds like
    dictatorship to me. Truly this type “decision” making scares the H out of me. What’s next? It ( medication sanctioning) is truly destroying ANY quality of life for those “guilty” of absolutely nothing. I have never witnessed so much harm to real people caused by an “idea” that the answer is simply to make medication that has been used for thousands of years to manage pain virtually unavailable by those wishing to capitalize on legitimate pain issues and human suffering in the name of rescuing people from themselves.. Once again so many people being harmed by so few “:experts” opinion .I can hardly help myself for wishing the effects of continuous, severe pain upon those that are making life for pain management patients….. nearly impossible. Every time I read of another suicide, it simply makes me angry because it is so unnecessary. The government declared an “opioid crisis” and the pain management patient side is simply not being discussed. Victory over the “opioid crisis” WILL be declared by dot/gov but, at what cost to those of us that have no options left other than adequate dosages of opiate/opioid medication or departing this life. I apologize for being so long winded. What has been done to long term patients .and what I fear is to come makes me angry AND sad for the suffering that is happening now and for what is to come. Genocide of the populous of patients that can not help that we are sick or injured to the point that “medicine” has no cure. We can only treat the symptoms. WE must fight back or the next act of dictatorship and communism WILL be worse. I figure we are all in the same boat…….and I have very little left to lose. DEA has to be removed from the practice of medicine. The proclaimed “opioid crisis ” is worsening everyday. The “guideline” enforced to the letter is NOT helping with the stated purpose of it which is to stop or lower substance overdose..

  2. “Sixty Minutes” needs to do a story on the “other side of the opioid issue” since they have hurt the chronic pain patients with their incorrect broadcasts!!

  3. Pain is worth money..so I think the FDA OR D EA OR CDC SOMEONE should be paying us for the extra pain we all been through..seems only fair to me..

  4. Now the question is, is anyone going to listen to them? Meaning, the people who are hurting us in the name of the “Opioid Epidemic?”

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