Rx Open is activated for CA. Map shows where pharmacies are known to be open

Rx Open is activated for CA. The map was last updated Wednesday, October 30, at 3:05 pm

About Rx Open

Rx Open helps patients find nearby open pharmacies in areas impacted by disaster. Combining multiple data feeds from the pharmaceutical industry, Rx Open displays the precise location on Google Maps of open pharmacies, closed pharmacies, and those whose status is unknown. This critical information assists government officials in assessing an emergency’s impact on public health in a disaster area.

Healthcare Ready provides Rx Open to the public at no cost during a disaster through the generous support of our leadership and from the NCPDP Foundation, who provides grant support and the dataQ® pharmacy data file.

To enroll your pharmacy email ContactUs@HealthcareReady.org. Participation in Rx Open is free. If the status of your pharmacy is not consistent with what is shown on the Rx Open maps, please contact us at ContactUs@HealthcareReady.org.

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For more information, click here for the Rx Open FAQs and view a one-page overview here

Rx Open: Mapping Open Pharmacies During Disasters Webinar

Open Pharmacies Map

This map is used to provide pharmacy status in a region when Healthcare Ready activates for a response (or is requested to activate the map by a local government). When active, you can search or zoom to find open pharmacies or Red Cross shelters in your area.

This map reflects the pharmacies enrolled in Rx Open. If you would like to enroll your pharmacy, please email Admin@healthcareready.org

This is a service provided by NCPA ( National Community Pharmacist Assoc) whose membership is almost exclusively independent pharmacies/Pharmacists  Under these natural disaster issues… it is those dealing with chronic pain and other subjective diseases that require taking a controlled substances.  With many pharmacies requiring pts to not filled/refill these medications until they are down to no more than a couple of days supply many pts are caught in a situation where they have to “bug-out” and the last thing they need is being thrown into withdrawal and deal with elevate/untreated pain at the same time.

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