Girlfriend indicted: Encourages Boyfriend To Commit Suicide Before His Graduation

Girlfriend Encourages Boyfriend To Commit Suicide Before His Graduation

n 2014, the news that Michelle Carter encouraged her boyfriend, Conrad Roy to kill himself through dozens of text messages shocked the world because she took advantage of his mental distress instead of helping him through it.

This time, 21-year-old Inyoung You in USA was recently indicted for having caused the suicide of her boyfriend, Alexander Urtula, a 21-year-old Boston College student.

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According to CBS News, prosecutors said that You had “complete and total control” over her boyfriend. Suffolk District Attorney Rachael Rollins said that throughout the 18 months that the couple was together, Urtula was subjected to verbal, physical and psychological abuse. This was later proven to be true by both their family members and classmates.

You allegedly manipulated Urtula and controlled him by threatening him that she would commit self-harm if he didn’t listen to what she said. The abuse then became “more frequent, more powerful and more demeaning” closer to his death.

She clearly pushed him into a corner and made sure that he stayed there; classic power play.

Prior to Urtula’s suicide, the couple had an exchange of more than 75,000 text messages, with 47,000 of them being from You.

According to Rollins, You knew she had the upper hand in this relationship and had control over Urtula’s “spiralling depression and suicidal thoughts brought on by her abuse, yet she persisted in continuing to encourage him to take his own life”.

What kind of monster does this?

What Happened

On 20 May, the day of his Boston College graduation, Urtula decided to end his life and later jumped to his death from a parking garage in Boston.

While this happened, his family who travelled down to Boston from New Jersey to see him graduate waited for him at the ceremony.

It was supposed to be a joyous occasion for them to celebrate his achievements. Little did they know…

Image: Daily Mail

Rollins said that You was in knowledge of where Urtula was because she could track his location on her phone and they believe that she was apparently “present” when he killed himself. However, it is not known whether they had interactions right before his death.

Cheryl is a secondary school student whom everyone describes as “stupid” and “hopeless”. When she failed her exams again, she got an unexpected visitor. Watch her story here: (Also remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel!)

This is some sick twisted love. To think that he suffered through 18 months of torture before he finally decided that it was enough. 

Despite knowing that he was already unstable because of the abuse he suffered from her, she continued to abuse him and told him that he should kill himself. Rollins even announced that there were hundreds of messages from You encouraging him to commit suicide.

What’s Going To Happen To Her?

You is currently in South Korea and authorities are fairly certain that she will return soon to face her charges.

Hopefully, justice will be served and she pays for her mistakes. Urtula’s family deserves at least that much after losing their son.

If you know anyone who has suicidal thoughts or is someone who is getting domestic abuse, please do not hesitate to reach out to Samaritans of Singapore at their 24-hour hotline at 1800 221 4444 or the AWARE helpline at 1800 777 5555.

Why am I posting this ?… while no healthcare professional will encourage a pt to commit suicide…HOWEVER… doctors, pharmacists, nurses are consider “learned professionals” and they know or should know that reducing, eliminating a pt’s medications… especially throwing them into cold turkey withdrawal… that this could push some pts to suicide.

As things are progressing within and around the “opiate crisis” …. just how long before one of these healthcare professionals are charged AND CONVICTED of assisting suicide or involuntary manslaughter ?  What if the healthcare professional is just following the corporation’s edict as to what they will provide or not provide to any given patient.

Whatever policies or edicts that comes from the corporation’s HQ that involves the practice of medicine… can the execs who have promulgated these edicts be held responsible for the adverse health outcomes of any particular pts or groups of pts.

Here is a letter that was sent out by Kaiser this month to a untold number of pts. This would suggest that this is a “group” of pts that are probably considered covered under the Americans with Disability Act. Typically this is what class action law firms look for… a large number of people being harmed by a corporation that is well insured and/or has “deep pockets” – OR BOTH.

The “clock” could be “ticking” on a lot of healthcare corporations who have elected to establish corporate policies that are basically deny care to pts dealing with specific health conditions.

Once the first healthcare corporation is found guilty and/or settles… it could be the first domino falling.. in what could be a very long line of dominoes.

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  1. The first story is incredibly upsetting & depressing; the girl is a soulless sadist.
    The letter from the Kaiser group is also incredibly upsetting…& enraging. It starts out with a blatant lie: that prescriptions for opiates are “at an all time high.” No, they’re not; the latest I saw indicated that prescriptions are now at the level they were in 1990, well before the “pain as a fifth sign” campaign kicked in. The number of prescriptions has plunged & keeps going down. The number of “opioid” ODs (which is almost entirely illegal drugs) has been going UP since the cut down started in 2010 or ’11. It could easily be said the cutback of prescriptions is CAUSING the dire increase of ODs…yet the morons in charge keep cutting back more, claiming to “fight the [non-existent] ‘epidemic.'”

    “It’s not working so we must do it more!!” is the dumbest mindset imaginable.

    The people behind the genocide of pain patients are also soulless sadists.

  2. A woman in my community committed suicide causing a fire that displaced a whole bunch of apartments. Still the denial remains, as they claim there is a mental health crisis, no one wants to look at the causes. She was 58, so it could have been untreated chronic pain, our local religious non profit hospital bought up all of the medical practices, so they could deny care to women. These non profits don’t even take Medicare or Medicaid, they don’t reimburse enough.

    Women over 50 are not the only group committing suicide, young people are also getting in on the dysfunction. One young man parked his truck and walked in front of a train. Of course they denied it was his dead end soul killing job at McDonald’s. They told the kids that they could develop a “Suicide App” and they even held a contest. Of course no one wants to examine social media usage and their is no evidence that a suicide app would work. The cops shot one mentally ill young man 17 times, so people know they should think twice before they “talk to someone.” That young man was sent home form the religious non profit hospital shortly before his death. The hospital spokesperson claimed that “some people, just don’t want help.” They were never-held accountable.

  3. Considering game #7, Homerun! by Steve Ariens.
    A good score for us CCP in the game of life.

    I believe the thought process on culpability exposure for suicide outcomes that you have illuminated herein, is exactly what the CDC and FDA had in mind when they published their so-called clarifications on opioid prescription guidelines. They had become aware of the increasing number of suicides due to insurmountable pain.
    You deserve much credit for memorializing these people who have fought a battle that we could not possibly understand – and still be here ourselves. I truly respect you for leading off each days news with recognition for those deserving that their deaths be reconciled. Perhaps you have shown a pathway forward.

    Culpable negligence would also extend to a variety of other negative outcomes produced by the harmful practices suggested in the opioid guidelines. I believe there are other legal precedents along these lines.

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