Reportedly Kaiser has discharged all chronic pain pts unless cancer or palliative care

Apparently by the date on this letter Kaiser JUMPED THE GUN on the CDC 2022 guidelines and they are referencing the MME system which has no science nor double blind clinical studies supporting its conclusions Looks like Kaiser is practicing medicine by COMMITTEE. I know that the Controlled Substance Act states that no one can prescribe a controlled substance without doing in person exam. And from the second picture, it appears that they have created a “corporate “cookie cutter” treating pain ” book.

I am sure that most of their employee prescribers are ecstatic that Kaiser has taken away their prescriptive authority and professional discretion that they were granted by the state medical license.

Obviously, Kaiser is following the DEA’s opinion of how many subjective diseases should be treated, based on DEA’s observations and opinions of how those people with mental health issues and are considered addicts and the “medical expertise” that the DEA has come to the conclusion by those observations of what drugs addicts take/consume.. disregarding how many tabs/caps/mgs of each are taken at one time.  Which has nothing to do with how they would be prescribed to a pt with valid medical necessity.

It has been my experience that many high acuity pain pts are dealing with multiple pain generating medical issues and often will benefit from having one or all four of meds that Kaiser has declared cannot be prescribed concurrently.  Most of these pts are probably considered DISABLED. Isn’t disabled people protected under the Americans with Disability Act & Civil Rights from being discriminated against ?  Could a corporate edict that certain categories of medications cannot be concurrently be prescribed to a pt that has multiple high acuity health issues whose QOL could be improved … if they were appropriately prescribed one or more of  meds in those categories and any person or entity denying the appropriate medications concurrently… actually be discriminating against them and a civil rights violation of those laws that protect disabled pts.  Kaiser has to have tens of thousands of such pts.  I guess that it would take a law firm that deals with civil rights discrimination issues to figure that out.

Here are a few posts from past post on my blog concerning Kaiser and how they are treating chronic pain pts..these are for 2018 & 2019

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  1. This what kolodny wanted,,,,,if u don;t have a diagnoses at 90 days,your forced into chronic pain care,,via SHRINKS,,,no meds,,it all in your head type b.s.,,Never mind doctors errors,,medical imaging miss’s,,long term diseases,lymes,chronic pancreatits,damage cords,m.s.,fibro,etc,,tough shit,”let em die off,”..Complete reckless disregards for the medically ills in physical pain well-being,and literally a hostile take over of PAIN MANAGEMENT run by REAL DOCTORS,, forced into shrinks business for $$,,,which is why jmo,forcible combing mental and medical will always kill or harm the truly medically ill.In the old days of Waverly,Penhurst,,people like us were locked up,died in those abuse centers and our DEATHS WERE COVER’D UP,, by the like of kolodnys mafias,the balltyne ideologys,but all those asylums were closed down for the very abuse they are now perpetrating outside there doors.It called coericive psychiatry and illegal by U.N articles of human Rights.,God when will we ever learn,DON’T LET SHRINKS PRACTIVCE REAL MEDICINE!!!
    Like Mr.Cole,,For 17 years I had that ,”effective dose,” trail and error for 3 freaken years,prior,,,and when we found it,for 17 years,,,i was active ,worked, functioned,went to college, took care of 2 elderly parents who were medically ill, exercise like everyone else,,,Then in the last 2 years kolodnys lies by liars destroyed 20 years of what worked!!!We cannot let this truth be destroyed by kolodnys book burning and lies,,truth has to will out,,for the next generations of long term medically ill and in honor of our dead,whos deaths have been dis-honored by kolodny as ,”emotional issued, and not the truth of,they were literally tortured to death by his demented,reckless,non-medical approach of no medicine opiates for the medically ill in physical pain from their medical condition.KOLODNYS DEMENTED PSYCHIATRY KILLED OUR FELLOW PAIN PATIENT,LITERALLY IMPLAMENTING HIS IDEOLOGY OF,”LET EM FIE OFF,”,,jmo,,maryw

    • Hi Mary
      I have seen over my share of shrinks and I don’t know if there was a honest one in the bunch! Look at what our society is now. They have us thinking that everyone should be equal and it will never be period. The shrinks have poured more disruptive drugs into people until we can no longer give a straight though, let alone the damages caused by their medication is about ten time worse than Opioids. I just got done with Ozempic and I can tell you I started with Jardiance in Thanksgiving and Ozempic at Christmas and I have never been so sick and I am still suffering after effects after quitting over a month ago. It is for diabetes and diabetics can’t get it because everybody is getting it for wait loss. I comes out of everywhere even your ears I think!
      You are so right Mary!!!!

  2. My personal opinion is that almost all policy makers dealing with pain need a good dose of cancer or whatever the worst pain is and then be denied any Opioid Pain Medication!

    • If I sound angry, you can bet your ass I am! It took twenty years for the doctors to learn and treat pain properly , and it only took a couple of years for some extreme idiots to screw that up, and it was not any of their business in the first place.
      I wish we pain patients had control of those idiots medication and see what happens!!!!

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