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  1. Exactly!! Killing us. Us as pain pts have no say either. Less then 50 will kill many and suicides will skyrocket!! Mme is a joke and scientifically impossible as we all metabolize meds differently. This one size for all will not work because again we all metabolize differently. Other modalities don’t upi think at this point that were on opioid pain meds and at higher doses or at least many of us was on these meds and doses. Was because we’ve already tried all the other modalities that are available without relief or they don’t work by themselves and we already use other modalities with out pain meds. Just to get even a small amount of relief because many of us have already had our doses reduced to such level or taken away. I am a CRPS (RSD), Neuropathy, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis DJD pt and I have been suffering a life of hell since the CDC guidelines came out in 2016 not yo mention my Dr being forced or threatened I should say by the DEA and DOJ to lower their pts yo 50mmme or less or for some wean off completely or risk prosecution and loss of license and livelihood some as far as jail. This is absolutely torcher and inhumane to force a pt to a treatment as a Dr with actually education and the knowledge of debilitating chronic intractable pain know but have no choice they say. Unlike the DEA, DOJ WHO HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO EDUCATION OR KNOWLEDGE ABOUT DEBILITATING CHRONIC PAIN WHAT WORKS WHAT DOESN’T, DOSES FOR SPECIFIC ILLNESS AND WHAT EACH OF THEIR PTS NEED AND REQUIRE!! YET HERE WE ARE THEY ARE DECIDING WHAT’S BEST FOR DEBILITATING CHRONIC PAIN PTS. Prior to the 2016 guidelines I had a quality of life and tolerable pain . Know I’m just existing like millions of other debilitating chronic pain pts whose meds already have been cut to these levels or less or worse cut off. When we all n
    Know this is bull crap seeing as thought prescription opioids have not had it xausjng now the “FAKE OPIOID CRISIS” This crisis is about substance abuse and mental health , about greed and money by our government and people like kolodny and (PROP), it’s about poly pharm seeing as though 90%of the addicts overdose or have overdosed with more then 3 illegal drugs in system plus alcohol (such as illicit fentanyl herion, meth, cocaine and even benzos) all obtain from the streets illegally or illegally other ways. 90% never had a legitimate script for opioid pain meds. That’s why illegal drugs are the cause of this crisis also the fake pills coming from drug cartels manufactured in China and Mexico distributed here by dealers and gangs as is most of the illegal drugs flooding our streets. These pills are made to look like real pain meds but are not they are laced with illicit fentanyl and herion. SO THOSE IN THIS LETTER ARE ONE OF THE MANY WHO LACK EDUCATION IN THIS OR JUST IGNORES REAL SCIENCE AND STATISTICS!! WHICH IS KILLING MILLIONS OF PAIN PTS IN EVERY STATE. We are not addicts and we are not the ones overdosing legitimate debilitating chronic pain pts. We take our meds responsibly and follow the laws, our contracts, get random or monthly urines which I might add in 15 years since in dealing with debilitating pain I have never had a problem with or a bad urine millions of us the same. Yet we are the ones being torchered and punished for having pain this needs to stop or many more will die by suicide or many will turn to the streets due to ineffective treatment or untreated debilitating chronic pain where they most likely will accidentally overdose because of the types of illegal drugs being forced on our country by drug cartels, dealers and gangs. Debilitating chronic pain pts just seeking relief from their 24/7 excruciating relentless debilitating chronic pain! Like myself who is barely hanging on. If this attack on pain pts continue many more will suffer like me.

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