Prevention Magazine – they want to do a story on abandoned pain patients.

I have been working closely with journalists for several months. In recent days I have been contacted by Prevention Magazine – they want to do a story on abandoned pain patients. Some of you may have seen the AARP magazine’s piece on the opiate crisis that essentially took a ‘sky is falling – oh it’s so awful approach.’ Prevention’s primary readership is female in the range of 40-70. So they would like to discuss with at least 3 females who meet that demographic how you are currently affected by patient abandonment and stigmatization. The primary author is doing his homework and talking to lots of people that we know. I put him in contact with George Knapp’s current series and radio broadcast. If you are interested, please contact me at and provide me with the information you want to use to be contacted.

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  1. Come to Pueblo, Colo. And look up Dr. Dexter Moons.
    This is all about what you’re looking for.
    He closed shop leaving his patients to use street drugs.
    Such a vacuum left behind! And those few, myself included have doctors who know we aren’t “drug seekers” were just people who require these meds to function as a human being instead of a mushroom.
    Much love,

  2. Terri and Steve. Perhaps the best and deepest source I know for multiple stories of patient abandonment is the comments thread of an article on STAT News. There have been hundreds of reports of abandonment since publication in January 2017:

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