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Can you get this online quickly? Terri Lewis, PhD sent to me since I use Opana ER.
As a reminder, our PainEDU survey will be open until Wed, 11/29/17 at 5:00pm EST. The FDA asked Endo to withdraw the opioid Opana ER (oxymorphone) from market. Endo said in July 2017 it would voluntarily cease sales. Inflexxion, the company who owns and operates PainEDU invites you to participate in a short research survey about the impact of removal. The survey aims to understand impact of removal of this medication to the patient population, and we’re interested in your opinion on whether the removal could impact patient care. The survey takes will approx 10 minutes to do. Your participation is confidential and no personal info including names, IP addresses, or email addresses are kept.
Click here to start the survey.

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