Politicians and the war on drugs

Chronic pain pts seems to think that they need to contact politicians to get things changed… especially concerning  the war on drugs. What many people in this country understand is that politicians normally only cares about two things… getting elected/reelected and raising money for their campaign fund .. to get elected/reelected. We  have this puritanical threat in our societal fabric.. that believes that those who have a need for control meds, or have mental health issues.. just need to suck it up and get over it.

The reality of it all is that the DEA and some other bureaucrats – like AG Bondi in Florida – that keeps telling the politicians that all those people .. claiming that they are in pain… are just drug seekers and they just want to get their next fix or get high.

There are entities like Corrections Corporation of America  who is a public  for-profit company that runs private prisons.. It is claimed that this company has lobbyist encouraging Congress to increase the prison terms of those convicted of dealing drugs.  These “drug dealers” are typically non-violent types… so this for-profit company is getting paid to “baby-sit” these non-violent criminals.. because it is very profitable to operate these minimum level prisons.

Right now, some of these politicians are in the most vulnerable period in their political career.. all 435 House of Representatives and 33-34 of the Senate is up for re-election. Some states – like Florida – have state level election this year.  Those in office – particularly the DEMS are trying to separate themselves from Obamacare.

You can start a petition to politicians .. and you can rally at the state capital for a cause.. Unless you are putting money into their campaign fund or doing something to help them to get elected.. otherwise.. you are just “white noise”

How do you get to the politician’s attention?

The unprofessional conduct complaint to the BOP.. is a place to start.. if a sizable number of complaints are filed with the BOP and they do nothing..  blows you off.. the state AG is responsible for laws to be enforced in the state. After 60 days, no activity .. you start filing complaints with the AG. This is where the media gets pulled in.. BOP is doing nothing.. and AG may not be interested in seeing that state laws are enforced.  Whoever is running against the incumbent … get them on board.. they will probably use the information against the incumbent in their campaign… bringing a heighten awareness of the plight of chronic painers.

Filing civil rights/discrimination under ADA – pharmacist refusing to fill your legal/on time prescription – could follow the same path.. except at the Federal level and AG Holder.. if  Dept of Justice does not take action or the validity of the complaints. This is where you get the attention of your Federal Representative and or Senator that is up for reelection and/or their opponent in the up coming election.  Now is the time to act.. election is 7 months off.. you want to start getting serious attention shortly after Labor Day… when the political campaigns will get in full swing.

If you can get at least one veteran into the media coverage… it should improve your chances of getting the media attention..

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  1. Awesome job steve

    Most folks don’t know that in fact:
    At the Capital in Washington, D.C. The Senate and the Reps. As well anyone in the employeement of their congressional bosses have private privileges to a fully functional pharmacy dedicated to the exclusive use of said Fed?

  3. Your work should be required reading for all politicians and government employees. Thank you

  4. Thank you Steve for this very helpful piece.

  5. My mother in Miami, Fla was 84 when she fell and broke her hip. The Radioligist at the hospital misdiagnosed the x-ray and chose to disbelieve the 84 year old woman’s complaint of unbearable pain sending her home to start the weekend with a handful of Motrin. Many days later she followed the Drs advice to make an effort to ambulate resulting in excruciating agony and she again requested pain medication and was refused. In desperation she was transported (carted) to her concierge doctor who ordered additional x-rays and a different radiologist diagnosed the broken hip. She received pain medication. I regret I wasn’t in Miami at the time but it’s probably fortunate I live in Texas. Flash forward two years and my Mother, fully cognizant but legally blind, deaf and bed ridden has been on a steady prescription for 5/500 mg Norco and Benzodiazepines. Her mildly hostile concierges doctor has become increasingly hesitant to prescribe her medication even though there has been no history of abuse. I was forced to converse with the doctor and even though I’m a lawyer, I was to asked to explain why my mother needs her medication. We’ve now been reduced to having my mother carried to a physiatrist (pain doctor) who will only prescribe after my mother undergoes a series of redundant tests. I have had my own problems with pharmacists also and I’m getting really pissed off. In law school was taught that your innocent till proven guilty by proof beyond a reasonable doubt and that it’s best for a jury to acquit fifty guilty men lest we convict one innocent. Have we devolved to a low point as a society that it’s best to presume that a person with a legal prescription is a presumptive junkie and the prescribing physician a charlatan pill mill doctor. This presumption, has resulted in a lot of needless suffering and I’ve been thinking of ways to set things right. I’m a sucessful civil and criminal trial attorney and am close to offering free legal representation to any legitimate doctor wrongly accused and bullied by our government, civil suits notwithstanding. If a person suffers a debilitating stroke due to the stress of withdrawl or pain because a pharmacist without a damn good reason denies a lawful prescription then the pharmacist should be held accountable. Damages for emotional distress or pecuniary loss are not beyond pale.

    • Thank you for the information.. I have a nonfused cervical spine..My spinal cord was serverally compressed..I did not want the disectomy or fusion..I was told that if I fell I could end up paralyzed.. It wasn’t properly diagnosed.. I was losing feeling in my left hand my left leg would give out ..The pain was unbearable.. And at 36 “5,3” and 110 lbs I was in excellent shape..I had the fusion .I could not speak after the surgery.. My doctor never ordered a Cathader.. My mom had to call my general practioner and he called ..By the time they put it in 1900/CCU came out ..I was sent home the next day..For the first month I felt a small improvement.. I was given Roxicet which is very strong for me..I have to the take antinausia pills in order to hold the medication.. I stopped taking the roxicet..And the Pa n was not only worse it was unbearable.. My doc refused to acknowledge that any thing that was wrong ..I have lost sensation dexterity strength ..It turned out my fusion c5 c6 never fused.. Every month I hear pharmist tell me my medication is on back order..And today the pharmacy having told me they ordered it ..Never called me that they found not order it..I don’t over take my medication.. It only dulls the pain..And makes me vomit.. But its better the pain.And pharmsits in NY will not help..Its quite inhumane.. I would gladly not take the roxicet .If I could have my life back..Pharmist should not judge what they do not know.. I have a doctor whos job it is to decide what medication I take..A pharmist job to help sick people..my prescription is legal its never early ..It should be filled
      Hoping for humanity Nicole

  6. Steve,
    Thanks for all you do for chronic pain sufferers. Over the past 24 years I educated myself on what to do, how to act when being treated wrong and when not to reply when angry. What you do for those that suffer from chronic pain is over and above what most people deserve.Time will show that your help will push through the things that hold chronic pain sufferers back from getting the correct treatment they deserve. I much appreciate your hard work.

  7. Steve- I commend you for your efforts at empowering people in pain. It is unfortunate the biggest stakeholders in pain care- the 100 million people in pain- seem to have the least say in political matters that effect their pain care. As Virchow wrote- diseases have two causes- pathological and political- and pain care has become more than a politicized over recent years.

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