ADA  ( Americans with Disability Act )

ADA DIY  complaint instructions

AMA (American Medical Association)

AMA warning pharmacy abt practicing medicine without of a license


BOP ( Boards of Pharmacy )

Civil Rights Act of 1964


CMS (Center Medicare/Medicaid Services) complaint



Florida Disability Rights


HIPAA complaint filing

INSURANCE COMPLAINT LETTER  Rxforcash   letterinsurance

National Assoc of Insurance Commissioners


PBM  (Prescription Benefit Manager  )

Permit Holder (Pharmacy owner, chain .. ie Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid )

Pharmacist’s Oath

PIC ( Pharmacist in charge) – legally responsible to the BOP for the legal operation of the Rx dept – each pharmacy has only one PIC.

RPh. ( Registered Pharmacist)

Standard of practice




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  1. Steve,
    Thanks for this ,I forget about some of these over a period of time now I can copy this to a folder and refer back to it when needed. One I didn’t know what the abbreviation meant but I’m not going to tell you which one because I should have known but with all of these different abbreviations its easy to forget. I find as I get older the CRS is getting worse.

    I was at a pharmacy last month and was trying to get a script filled of a certain long acting opioid. The woman at the register was looking at me weird
    like most do when presenting a opioid script , she handed the script back to me saying no we don’t have it in stock after she asked the main pharmacist .
    Then before I walked off I asked her if she knew Pharmacist Steve that has a nice blog on line with good info. ,she shook her head no, I said maybe you should Google Pharmacist Steve and see what he has to say and let your pharmacist know also. Three days ago I went back to same pharmacy at the grocery store I shop at where I spend around $500 a month on groceries and gave her the same script for the month for July.

    I know she recognized me because I walk by there when I shop for groceries to buy non food items like eyes drops, aspirin etc. and they can see me thru the glass windows. I gave her the same script for July that they denied in June and I asked nicely can they please fill this for me along with a medication for insomnia. I told her I shop here all the time and this is the only place I buy groceries ,its a nice grocery store ,she asked the pharmacist and he said we can order it and have it in by Wednesday of next week, I said that’s fine with me . I went back 30 minutes later to pick up the script for insomnia and asked her did you ever Google Pharmacist Steve ,she said I didn’t but I think the pharmacist did, they where very nice to me.

    So to all that are having a hard time getting your legit /on time/ medically necessary opioid script filled, tell the pharmacist about our good friend Pharmacist Steve, if they don’t know Steve ask them to Google his blog ,it just might get you the help you need.

    From me to all of you, I hope you have less pain today than yesterday.
    BBBIZZZ roger, over and out, Houston we have no problem, leave us alone.

    Happy 4th of July 2014 to all chronic painers , Pharmacist Steve and all pharmacist that put up with us pain in the ass chronic pain sufferers.

    Thank you Steve,

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