Physician .. heal thyself ?

Medscape Physician Lifestyle Report 2015

Slide 11.

Is our healthcare system… harming/killing those of us who are working in healthcare … or being “worked over” by the healthcare system.


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  1. I loved my Dr Faccia that managed my pain since 1999 until last year when he semi retired because of the DEA interference. Since then I have had 2 clinics with one cutting my medication 1/3 on the first visit. Never saw a doctor in my 6 months there. Now I was sold-records and all to a interventionalist-my word that is insisting that his injections will cure the sciatica and peripheral neuropathy. Even after I told him that the neurosurgeon said that they won’t help. Perhaps the extra money will help him deal with patients that are under medicated and begging for help. And to cope with the DEA. Why aren’t the physicians fighting back? They certainly carry more weight than the sick patients that require the narcotics that they discriminate against.

  2. Healers of all kinds must focus on well being.
    No healer heals anyone.
    “The physicians job is to amuse the patient while they heal themselves”

    We cannot be amusing if we ourselves are ill, burnt out, or looking over our shoulders for the next agency to blame us for something.

  3. They should be asking pharmacists and nurses this but im sure we already know the results

  4. If a physician cannot heal herself, how can she heal me?

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