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If you get a DEA agent to admit this.. the charge of the DEA is not to prevent diversion.. it is to arrest those that divert.. the fear of being arrested is suppose to prevent diversion. If someone threatens to kill you… you call the cops.. and the cops tell you what… we can’t do anything until the person who threatened to kill you does something..  Once they kill you.. the person will get arrested thrown into our large judicial complex because everyone knows that the threat of being executed for killing someone.. has always stopped everyone from committing murder. If convicted of murder and sentenced to death.. they are automatically granted an appeal and possible retrial.. and after 15-25 yrs of all this legal back and forth.. if the murder has not died of old age.. they will be executed. The bottom line is.. our judicial system is more focused on prosecution and punishment than the prevention of crime.

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  1. If it’s not the DEA’s job to prevent diversion, then why do they have control over the drug supply?

  2. One would think when the DEA makes a big show of going after a doctor they claim is a bad prescriber and causing the ‘epidemic’ on the streets, they would then after going through ALL those patients medical records (HIPPA violations) go and make a big show of nabbing the abusers that were getting the prescriptions for NO, ZIP, ZERO legitimate medical reasons and put them out there for the public to see.

    Dr Mark should be going national with other pain advocacy groups to debunk all this crap against legit chronic pain patients.

  3. Kenny Rogers had a song in which a verse said the best you can hope for is to die in your sleep. ….the problem is that I wake up the next morning. …and have more hate for the establishment that put me here…and nd think they are doing us a favor so they will get re elected for their party. ..cause they know there is no winning the war on illegal drugs just they have a better chance of getting re elected….it’s a game of greed money and power. …what I don’t understand is does all their families get meds or just their respective family and to hell with grandma and grandpa. ..my days are numbered. To what extent. ..only time and pain will tell….but it will be considered murder for the acts and restrictions that have been placed on all that has medical issues. …………if there is a god…..then God help us all no matter what faith u may have.

  4. Their logic is flawed just like most that government officials make. Sort of like pain patients being treated as criminals instead of people with painful diseases. Now suddenly the DEA interference has caused more pain, loss of compassion, loss of providers and pharmacies refusing to fill prescriptions. They are the cause of additional changing rules instead of spending time wisely by doing something about the dealers,smugglers and meth makers. Now patients must prove their innocence with more frequent drug screens than criminals on probation.

  5. I agree if Steve refuses to run for president. I think his common sense would prevent him from getting the job.

  6. Great points Steve.
    I learn something new from you each time.
    Maybe we should do a talk show

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