New Revenue Stream – legal extortion ?

Caught shoplifting batteries from Rite Aid and today got a letter about a settlement offer of $265.99 can this get dropped or even reduced?

From the article?

I was caught stealing a 4 pack of AA Duracell Rechargeable Batteries priced at 15.99 at my local Rite Aid in Oregon I was walking out and was about 10 feet from my car when I was stopped by an employee asking me about the batteries I stole and that he was going to need them back and to follow him into the back of the store and he was going to fill out some paperwork.

Today I received a letter at the top saying a settlement offer and then states that they represent Rite Aid concerning its civil claim that happened in there store and then mention Pursuant to Or. Rev. Stat 30.875 “Shoplifting or taking of agricultural produce” Rite Aid may consider moving forward with a statutory civil damages claim against you. And then says that they ask that I settle this matter by making a payment of $265.99 withing 20 days of this letter being dated (date the 19th) is there any way I can get these charges dropped or lowered?

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  1. Just wait until your employer decides that they want you to “fine” people who presents you controlled Rxs that you are “not comfortable with” and/or illegal and you have to write them up and issue a “fine”. If you are not comfortable filling them.. then they must be illegal for some reason… We have a legal system to handle shoplifting.. when you start allowing for-profit entities to impose fines.. as “honest” as corporation are.. it is bound to be abused…

  2. Shut up and pay it. What do you want?Sympathy!!!!

  3. In some states those are considered ‘ demand letters’ and are not valid and god only knows what theyd do after you pay anyway. I would ask an attorney. I know you are admitting guilt, I’m not an attorney but you should get one anyway. If you qualify income wise check with Legal Aid. Learn from this, you dont want a record of any kind, it really kills your employment chances in the future!

  4. Gosh, here’s an idea…

    To quote the movie “Liar, Liar” ~

    “Stop breaking the law, asshole!”

    • Got to say I agree with you on this one Crazy RxMan.

      I’m sure going to court and paying the fines and fees would cost more than $265.99. Not to mention it avoids a criminal record although your name probably does get added to some data base which most people would prefer not to be associated with.

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