MJ not toxic ?

States with legalized medical marijuana had 25 percent fewer prescription OD deaths: study


From the article:

States that allow legal use of medical marijuana have lower rates of fatal overdoses from prescription medications.

A new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found the 13 states where medical marijuana is legal had 24.8 percent fewer annual opioid overdose mortality rates.

The results indicate alternative treatments may be safer for patients suffering from chronic pain, researchers said.

I have noticed recently that “they” are now using the figure that 16 K -17 K die from accidental drug overdoses whereas previously “they” were promoting the number as 36 K – 39 K people dying of a accidental overdoses..

For years, there has been those that have stated that >50% of those who have died of a drug overdose was actually a suicide… Have “they” decided to report the actual number of those with a accidental overdose.. BUT… basically BURYING 20 K suicides.. because it doesn’t support the DEA war on drug agenda ?

I have also seen report after report that Heroin deaths are skyrocketing… but.. I don’t remember seeing many relaying REAL NUMBERS … Are those numbers becoming so high that it shows where the DEA is failing to attain their mission.. Is it worse for people to abuse ILLEGAL drugs… or abuse LEGAL drugs ?

After all it is perfectly legal to abuse the legal drugs ALCOHOL & NICOTINE !

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