New Requirement continued education in KY for renewal of Pharmacist licensing

A number of years ago – during the HIV epidemic – KY required pharmacists to have ONE HOUR of CONTINUED EDUCATION (CE) ON TREATING HIV…
Early this year KY Governor signed a EO that people of KY could possess MJ when they had certain medial issues – MJ could not be LEGALLY SOLD IN KY… but people could purchase MJ for adjacent states that sold MEDICAL MJ. This past week the KY legislature – IN ONE DAY – passed two new bills that the legislature has failed to pass every year for a decade or longer… Medical MJ will become legal in KY and the state to the home of the KY DERBY… will now allow off track betting.
That HIV CE BS went on for several years until they have realized that there was only so much you could say about HIV… and they dropped that requirement. Back during the HIV pandemic, it was claimed that someone close to a KY legislator became HIV positive so they passed a law to “educate ” Pharmacists about treating HIV.  I can only guess why this new bill on mandatory CE on opioid epidemic  or OUD was passed and signed into law.  People still get diagnosed with HIV for the first time every year, but we have new meds that allows them to live longer and “living with HIV”.  Since the Harrison Narcotic Act 1914 it has been claimed that 1%-2% of our population are “serious addicts”.
Last year they claim that 379 million illegal fentanyl tablets were confiscated and a AZ member of Congress stated on TV that it is estimated that it varies from month to month that 8% to 15% of what comes into our country is represented by the 379 million… which means that 2-3 billions illegal fentanyl tablets gets to our streets annually and over 100,000 people die from illegal fentanyl poisoning.  That doesn’t count the raw powder, illegal meth, cocaine, crack that gets to our streets. this claims there are there are 4340 Pharmacists that live in KY.  In checking this database Pharmacist like myself that has a KY Pharmacist License but not a KY address is no included in that count.   Who believes that ONE HOUR OF CE/YR will help resolve a opioid epidemic that is primarily fueled by illegal fentanyl from Mexican cartels ?
Pharmacist CE Requirement 2023-2028: 1 Contact Hour on Opioid Epidemic or Opioid Use Disorder Required Each Year.
For licensing years 2023 through 2028 there is a continuing education requirement for pharmacists to complete 1 of the 15 contact hours on the opioid epidemic or opioid use disorder.  To determine if a course meets this requirement check the ACPE designation number for the course. They use a standardized number system which can be viewed here: ACPE Designations (  For example, a course number will have this format: 0204-0000-20-001-L08-P.  Any course that uses a Topic Number of 08 will meet the regulatory requirement for opioid epidemic or opioid use disorder.
If a course is not ACPE approved or if the Topic Number is not 08, and you believe that the course meets this new requirement, then you will need to complete the Application for Pharmacist CE Approval – Individual Request located here: Kentucky Board of Pharmacy.  It is highly recommended that each pharmacist reviews their NABP e-profile transcript to ensure compliance with this continuing education requirement by December 31. Google’s Kamau Bobb contributions to Google shape its corporate culture.
Pursuant to 201 KAR 2:015 section 5(1)(b) A pharmacist shall: For licensing years 2023 through 2028, one (1) contact hour of the fifteen (15) contact hours shall be on the opioid epidemic or opioid use disorder.

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  1. Steve
    How are they making the patients safer? I have more faith in you Pharmacists than any legislator. I trust my life to you great folks and I hate that so many legalists are practicing medicine without so much as a blank piece of paper. They are going to kill someone by distracting you great pharmacist’s from doing your job. How much more damn junk can they pile on you?????

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