more updates on “making some noise”

update on “making some noise”

I have created:


Twitter  @painedlives

Facebook Painedlives.. right now the FB is a public group but at some point in time it may be closed.

I have posted the websites that have the contacts for Congress and the new media

Those who wish to start entering twitter addresses.. send your name/email to and I will share the login/password info and how to add to the lists

Once the initial lists are created … everyone in the chronic pain community is encouraged to send links to media articles that demonstrates how those in the chronic pain community are being harmed by actions of the DOJ, CDC, FDA and others..  either to or FB painedlives page.

All tweets will be via @painedlives so those furnishing news links will remain anonymous.

Hopefully, we will have some news links to start sending out tweets Jan 23, 2017 which is the first day of business for the new administration and Congress.

IMO.. to be IMPRESSIVE … we need to send out 1-4 IMPORTANT tweets A DAY

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  1. Sent you a gmail as explained above and joined the Pained Lives Facebook group and Twitter page.

    Lisa Davis Budzinski
    VP of CPSFoundation

  2. Not into following Twitter account. Someone needs to unite the group’s for a more intense voice but when our President elect uses it almost like a joke, do you think this is the way to go?

  3. I guess I learn what ,”twitter” is,,,maryw

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