More of the “iceberg” is showing

Report finds state oversight of compounding pharmacies lax

Massachusetts Rep. Edward J. Markey released a report found 23 other deaths and at least 86 serious illnesses — unrelated to the current outbreak — linked to compounding pharmacies in the United States.

Maybe this report was generated and released by a Congressional Representative of Massachusetts… to show that the MA BOP is not the only BOP that’s asleep at the switch when it comes to oversight of compounding pharmacies.

From the article:

The report analyzed data from state boards, FDA documents and media reports. It found that compounding pharmacies around the country made drugs with ingredients that weren’t FDA-approved, mixed drugs in visibly unsanitary facilities and sold drugs without a prescription.

Only six states had records that they had taken action against compounding pharmacies for illegal or harmful activity.

I have stated previously, when this issue first appeared in the media that the problem with NECC was a very small tip of a very large iceberg. I was wrong however, when I thought that this whole thing would blow over and be buried by the first weekend in Oct… this friggin story has LEGS. I guess when you do something that kills people and/or makes them sick… and what you do is mostly out of sight and oversight… the bureaucrats and the media just keeps digging for more and more facts.

Wonder were we will show up on the next “most respected professional” list?

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