can you imagine this

Ohio looking at custom-mix prescription pharmacies

Within the last 30 days… we have had the BOP’s to close two compounding pharmacies in Ohio and two in MASS.. and another one in MASS stopped production..

I guess that the BOP’s idea of protecting the public health & safety… is something they only have to worry about after there is a crisis…  Nothing like having ZERO forethought and/or clueless about the term PROACTIVE

Maybe they haven’t figured out that there is a difference between managing by crisis and crisis management…

Maybe after all the dust settles after this crisis… while they are still in “crisis mode” .. someone will come up with the bright idea that allowing Pharmacists to work 12-14 hrs days without a meal/rest/restroom break… might be dangerous.. in regards to public health and safety.

I find it hard to believe that so far we have only heard about 5 compounding pharmacies in 2 states… that have problems.  Amazing that all the “bad boys” compounding pharmacies set up business in just two states… go figure…

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