Maybe this is why COVID-19 vaccinations are 80%-90% BEHIND promised dates ?

I am aggravated and this is not a copy and paste deal.
These are MY words and MY opinion of Phase 1b
The “3 letter pharmacy”and the “corner of health and happy” were granted the contract with our wonderful government to roll out the vaccinations for our most vulnerable (nursing home and assisted living patients).
These corporate organization’s retail stores are understaffed. Their pharmacists despise the conditions they are working under. They are overworked and underpaid.
It’s amazing how money can buy you contracts but no plan.
We have 20,000 Independent pharmacies across this nation that are willing and have the man power to assist during this pandemic!!
Independent pharmacies are located in small town America, in the most under served areas of our nation.
My staff would love to be administering Covid-19 vaccines to our local nursing homes and most vulnerable.
11.5 Million doses have been distributed but ONLY 2.1 million doses administered as of 12/29/20

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