Birds Eye View Of Chronic Pain Explained in Photos

Chronic pain comes in ALL forms and fashions. What hurts for one may be just fine for another. The sheer number of parts which construct & form our human body as we know it is quite mind-boggling. From the largest organ of our body; the skin to our bones, the muscles, nerves, glands, organs, 5 senses, ligaments, brain, eyes, legs, arms, feet … you name it — I could go on and on. It is just fascinating.
So when a body part fails to function as it should, and begins to cause pain, most around us don’t know (or don’t wanna know) how to deal with it. We need more empathy. By creating this short video, I hope it moves you enough to video your OWN pain, and tell the CDC EXACTLY what chronic pain FEELS like. Because apparently they don’t have a clue. Go to: Advocate for your rights to proper pain medications!

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