Marie-Antoinette, the queen of France said let them eat cake: today docs say, just push thru the pain

Well here we go again Vanderbilt loves to buy all the struggling hospitals and has new innovated ways to torture kids! 72 hour Tylenol IVs and lessons on how to cure pain that would kill a small animal with mind control therapy! So of course my email is blowing up with desperate parents wanting help ASAP so their children don’t feel like committing suicide and parents don’t loose their job because some clueless doctor has a plan that doesn’t involve the life saving opioid medication to be used as intended! Just what I needed at this point in life with my own medical shit going on! 5 steps forward 20 steps back! I’m trying to prioritize who will be out first and who can take tapers vs smaller doses and split them into groups! This is frigging ridiculous and torture on these kids! From Henderson KY to Paducah and from Clarksville to Nashville, Louisville to Chattanooga! I’ll need local advocates to help me again please and this will bankrupt us without help to get these people to these kids. Donate at We stopped them before but this reload of idiotic ideology my be the grave stone for some of these sick kids.. Some I’ve helped before and brand new kids who are brand new to the suffer train! Yall get me whatever you can and I’ll do my best! Stage 4 of eliminating pain patients has promptly taken effect! KY and TN you should be ashamed of yourselves for this one! I don’t know how to take so many kids on right now but as always will figure it out! What a shame! Lower doses on end of life and chronic pain kids who are already suffering! SMH is an understatement! A trip to Washington DC is needed badly! Share this and help all you can so I don’t have to sell everything I have again please! Looks like a long full time job is headed my way again!

There was no sound evidence of Acetaminophen’s ability to treat most all painful condition

Perhaps most telling is a 2021 review that included 36 systematic studies of 44 painful conditions. It concluded that acetaminophen provided modest pain relief for one of them, osteoarthritis of the hip and knee. There was no sound evidence of the drug’s ability to treat any other painful condition.

Do any of you remember during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, how many practitioners were prescribing certain medications to treat pts with COVID-19 …but.. some of the healthcare system they worked for revoked their privileges at their hospital, and some state medical boards sanctioned prescribers for prescribing medications that had been clinical studies on to treat COVID-19… otherwise known as “off label”.  Yet some 30%-50% of all prescriptions are prescribed & filled “off label” EVERY DAY…

The first paragraph is a description what Vanderbilt Hospital system is doing in treating end of life pediatric cancer pts’ PAIN. That a 2021 review of 36 systematic studies of 44 painful conditions. Does not provide any pain management for cancer pain.

Here is a article from 18 months ago that 

Does this mean that Vanderbilt university is graduating medical students that are being taught to prescribe therapies for which their is little/no evidence that – Acetaminophen/Tylenol – is ineffective is nearly all painful conditions.

What would happen to parents if they inflicted as much pain on their children as these healthcare professionals are causing these end of life pediatric pts to live/exist in? Does anyone think that Child Protective Services would be knocking on their door? Taking their kids away and put into foster care and the parents put in JAIL?

A number of years ago, our SCOTUS ruled that the 18th amendment – you know the one about prohibiting cruel & unusual punishment – only applied to prisoners.

Forget the “DO NO HARM”, it is really not stated in the original Hippocrates oath, nor any revisions. some believe that it is IMPLIED

So it would appear that physicians – depending on their own personal morals and ethics – can leave pts to suffer in pain

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  1. This makes me ill.
    Unless higher-ups are hiding their heads under a thick heavy blanket in order to hide their eyes, brain and ears from crying babies and parents, they are close to the hardest, nastiest, most uncaring people in the universe. How could you stand by while these children are in such pain?
    As to
    “off-topic” rx, I was just going through old bottles today and I had one, hydroxyzine that said (directions: ) 1-2 pills nightly as needed for sleep. When did they edit the uses for Atarax? Post opioid craziness?

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