Has these law firms drawn a target on the backs of chronic pain pts?

Amazing that what appears to be the lead law firm in suing the 3 largest drug wholesalers and 3 major chain pharmacies (CVS, Walmart, Walgreen) is claiming that they WON THE WAR ON DRUGS – apparently by causing untold number of chronic pain pts are going to be indiscriminately denied their medically necessary pain medication for their chronic health issues.

I think that it is interesting that the law firm admits that they are using all the media’s routine talking about OD’s involving “fentanyl”, with seldom mentioning that the opioid that people are dying from is an ILLEGAL ANALOG being provided by China & the Mexican cartels, while at the same time the media shows a graphic of the FDA approved Fentanyl and seldom/never do they mentioned that it is actually a POISONING.

Attorney Mike Moore seems to state that these large corporations won’t go bankrupt, but what happens if these major wholesalers and/or major chain pharmacies decide to stop inventorying controlled meds and/or wholesalers only sell control meds to hospitals and nursing home pharmacies. Are these law firms indemnified for any of the consequences to chronic pain pts for not being able to get their medically necessary controlled medications?

We have all seen/read about pts who were cut off from their medications because the DEA raided a practitioner’s office.  Some committed suicide, some have died from cold turkey withdrawal. Some will end up using/abusing NSAID’s, alcohol, Acetaminophen trying to reduce their torturous intensity of pain. Many will end up with liver, kidney damage, heart attack, stroke and eye damage.

The three major drug wholesalers that settled, controls about 80%-85% of all Rx meds to pharmacies. The typical community pharmacy may have up to 30 days of inventory on hand. So if a wholesaler notifies a pharmacies they will no longer be getting controlled meds from their wholesaler.  Within 60 days, most of the pharmacy’s chronic pain pts will be in cold turkey withdrawal.

One can only guess how rapidly the average life expectancy of all these chronic pain pts will decline?

Winning the War on Opioids: A Behind the Scenes Look at The Largest and Most Complex Deal In The History of Jurisprudence


“Winning the War on Opioids: A Behind the Scenes Look at The Largest and Most Complex Deal In The History of Jurisprudence”
“How US DOJ & Trial Lawyers circumvented public consent to create a work-around ban on rx opioids thru mass tort litigation.”

“A nationwide solution. If you impose serious restrictions in one community, but not the next, offenders simply move their operations. By getting all states & all communities on board, it created a truly nationwide solution to a public health crisis.”

-mass rx restrictions 🤔

“This reform package includes the creation of a groundbreaking clearinghouse through which the Big Three will be required to account not only for their own shipments, but also the shipments of the other distributors, in order to detect, stop, and report suspicious orders.”
“Trial lawyers, processing & organizing almost a billion lines of data tracking every pill from the manufacturer, to the distributor, to the pharmacy. This created the roadmap for the clearinghouse & gave it to every federal, state & local law enforcement officer in the country.”
“a mix of collaboration with highly competent specialists, old-fashioned detective work, big data analysis, and a very innovative legal strategy will help deliver the largest financial proposed settlements in tort history”.
-slow clap, everybody-
specialists like Andrew Kolodny?

“A unique collaboration of law firms led by Florida’s Levin Papantonio Rafferty was at the forefront of the litigation with its large base of city and government clients”

*Papantonio regularly invites govt officials to go sailing on his FL yacht. You know, to talk business.*

“We have always recognized at our firm that walking into massive fights like this is risky and expensive, but we’ve also always recognized that part of our jobs as consumer lawyers is to put it all on the line for American consumers and that’s exactly what we did”.-Papantonio
“And it was all spiraling out of control until this group of private attorneys put the opioid crisis on the front page by filing hundreds of lawsuits against the distributors beginning in early 2017, while the majority of the other lawsuits focused purely on the manufacturers.”

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