Life, Liberty & pursuit of happiness !

Our Founding Fathers put this into our Constitution.. initially those were pretty broad/vague rights. In the ensuing nearly 240 years, the bureaucrats that our society has elected have seemingly placed more and more restrictions on those “entitlements”.

Some bureaucrats – like Mayor Bloomberg of New York City has tried to place limits on salt, the size of sugary drinks and mandated restaurants list the number of calories in their meals in an attempt to “shame” people into eating less..  Of course, that ignores the recent declaration of the AMA that obesity is a DISEASE..

Our government has evolved into being hypocrites in so many areas..

If your “happiness” .. is drinking alcohol.. until all your facilities are impaired… feel free.. as long as you get your alcohol thru a properly government licensed outlet  selling properly TAXED products.. just don’t get caught in a public place…  drunks needs to be kept “out of sight”… don’t try to create your own alcohol beverages (moonshine) or the FEDS will come down on you…

If your “happiness” .. is gambling… feel free to lose everything you own… but only in a properly licensed & taxed establishment… don’t dare have a “private game”… if caught … you will get taken down.

The point of this diatribe is.. does our Constitution GUARANTEE us with the ability to pursue quality of life… as part of Life/Happiness?  If we are.. could the DEA’s direct/indirect interference with people, with subjective diseases, getting proper/adequate therapy … UNCONSTITUTIONAL?

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