Could this apply to chain RPH’s ?

From the article:

The justices made the 5-4 ruling as it threw out Maetta Vance’s appeal.

At issue was whether to be considered a supervisor, a person must be able to hire and fire people.

That’s what the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals said while hearing a complaint from Vance, who says she was racially harassed. Vance, a Ball State University caterer, says her tormentor was a supervisor, making the university liable. But the lower courts said that since the woman could not fire Vance, she was only a co-worker, and threw out the case.

The high court upheld that decision.

Is the term “supervisor” and “management” synonymous terms?

Typical most RPH’s state that their corporate employer declare that RPH’s are part of “management”.. and thus exempt from being paid hourly/overtime and unable to join a union/guild !

Could this Supreme Court ruling… as to what a supervisor is/is not… impact RPH’s status as “management”?

It would appear that if you do not have the ability to fire an employee in the Rx dept.. you are nothing more than a co-worker… which would suggest that you are not part of “management”

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  1. Ahhh…it is about time this issue was addressed. This has been a long term gripe of mine. Pharmacists are labeled management, but they don’t actually have the power to manage. Maybe this will give some pharmacist the idea to take these chains to court over this issue. Pharmacy managers are ‘slaves’ because they get paid a salary instead of hourly. So, these chains get to work them over-time and don’t have to pay them over-time.

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