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  1. This was very painful to watch & my heart goes out to her family! However I’m glad he did this interview & the book to bring awareness to help others. I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else chronic pain patients , unfortunately that’s where were at hereach in the US. I think that anyone who lost someone to suicide from pain or the actual pain killed someone I hope they share their stories. Again my heart breaks for him but I find him to be brave!!

  2. After my subarachnoird thoracic tumor was removed,,,because of undiagnosed,,missed,,,pancreatitis and gallstones,,,,a 4 day stay at the hospital turned into 2 weeks,,,the bandage was literally soaked w/spinal fliud,,,it never healed from the pressure from swollen pancreas.gallbladder,,,,,for 5 f—– years I had spinal fliud headaches,,,and doctors just yelled at me,,and said it was just a migrain,,Furthermore ,,they did a spinal tap,,unbeknown to all 2 other smalll tumors were inbetween the tap,,causeing the pressure,to appear normal,,,only a latter mri showed the tumors and ONLY,,ONLY,, w/contrast,,,,,,,I KNOW WHAT THIS WOMEN WENT THRU,,, and it is aweful,,I can fully understand why she ended her way,,,,,,,,maryw

  3. My heart goes out to Karen’s family. How many more do we have to lose ? We must fight this insanity. Please keep sharing your stories to promote awareness and force the CDC to stop ignoring all chronic pain patients. Thanks

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