Bill Clinton issues warning on opioid crisis: ‘It’s going to eat us all alive – another CLUELESS BUREAUCRAT ?

Bill Clinton issues warning on opioid crisis: ‘It’s going to eat us all alive’Clinton issues warning on opioid crisis: ‘It’s going to eat us all alive

Former President Bill Clinton addressed the opioid and drug crisis on Saturday, telling mayors from across the country that the U.S. is far behind in dealing with the issue.

“It’s going to eat us all alive,” the former president warned at the U.S. Mayor’s Conference in Miami.

“We all have to acknowledge that we should have seen more of this before. But what we have to acknowledge now is that we have a chance to deal with this in a comprehensive way, and we’re not close,” the former president said.

The issue has remained a top concern for lawmakers, with Senate Republicans facing criticism that proposed cuts to Medicaid in their bill unveiled this week to repeal and replace ObamaCare could exacerbate the national epidemic.

While the legislation reserves $2 billion to help people deal with substance abuse and addiction, critics say the major cuts to Medicaid spending would not help the crisis, and the $2 billion fund would not make up for the cuts.

Republicans including Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval and Ohio Gov. John Kasich have expressed concerns over the bill’s Medicaid cuts.

“I’m proud of the Republican governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval, for being one of the very first governors to take to Medicaid expansion because he knew that he depended upon young workers, many of whom were here as the first of their generation,” Clinton said Saturday.

Sandoval and fellow Nevada Republican Sen. Dean Heller have expressed deep concerns about the Senate GOP legislation due to Medicaid cuts.

Heller on Friday became the fifth Senate Republican to announce his opposition to the bill, further complicating GOP leaders’s plans to get the legislation through the upper chamber

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  1. Bullshit post.
    Under Obama Medicaid spending goes from 378 to 688 billion.
    Under Trump Medicaid spending goes from 378 to 524 billion.
    According to this post if I ask my boss for a 10 percent raise and he gives be only 5 % raise I can claim my pay was cut 5 percent.

  2. Im not sure of your poit He said we are not dealing with it in a comprehensive way so he is not agreeing with the cuts. Sadly no one seems to want to acknowledge the people who need these meds andthe harm the guidelines doctors refusing to write are causing us. It is up to us to point this out as often and forcefully as we can. I will tweet this to im (and FB if he has a page)

  3. No one is taking in us chronic pain patients?? How many have to suffer and die?

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