It’s a ‘shell game’ according to a national prescription price expert

A federal class action lawsuit accuses CVS Health of “fraud” and of “knowingly and intentionally” overcharging people in insurance plans by using “a false and deceptive pricing scheme” to inflate the prices of prescription drugs.

We asked CVS for an interview. Instead, CVS sent a written statement saying, in part, the company will “vigorously defend against the baseless allegations in this lawsuit, which is completely without merit.”

The CVS statement didn’t explain why its price for Burshem’s medicine was so much higher than the other pharmacies we checked.

Not only was the total cost for Burshem’s medicine higher at CVS. So was his copay.

His bill from CVS Caremark shows even with insurance covering most of the total cost, Burshem’s copay was $476.55.

That’s almost double the price – without insurance – at the local pharmacy Burshem found.The full price there was just $259.02.

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  1. Interesting that if you go to the original story page, the video is “unavailable.” Wonder who got that done? I’ve never trusted CVS. Everyone has to check with prices now — another entity we can’t trust.

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