Interesting video about docs & pts and our healthcare system


I think that the imagery of these doctors shedding their white lab coats… suggests that all these doctors are being DEFROCKED!

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  1. Oh, Yes. A few days ago I got put in fb jail for broaching this very subject.

    One of my questions was How many who got the Jab but got covid anyway will step forward again this round knowing they have acknowledged it causes myocarditis?

    How can doctors move forward this time knowing it did not cease cases of covid, it did cause serious (even death) cases. More are stepping up this time saying ENOUGH.

    How can those, already vaccinated , ready to get more, trash talk those who are scared and won’t continue those shots?

  2. the medical boards did go after even doctors that had thier own practice . however they should have gotten together and fought for all of us. they took an oath ! i will never trust the doctors that told me with a straight face ,”yes the masks work!!”

    • Amen,,,doctors in South Africa went on strike,,,17,000 doctors complained about those covid shots,,,,where were ours????jmo,,maryw

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