Innocent Doctor In Federal Prison Seeking Help

Innocent Doctor In Federal Prison Seeking Help

Welcome to the informational page on Robert Rand MD. Dr. Rand is in a Federal Prison in Los Angeles CA for the act of prescribing pain medications to patients of his that he truly believed needed these medications. Dr. Rand is a loving husband and father first and a doctor second. Dr. Rand’s wife is battling metastatic cancer while he fights for justice in Federal Prison after being railroaded into prison in a court presided over by a judge who had multiple serious conflicts of interest. Dr. Rand pled guilty to the charges against him in a court that he later found out was a court IN WHICH HE WAS DENIED DUE PROCESS OF LAW FROM THE VERY START OF THE PROCEEDINGS AGAINST HIM. Just as important, on July 22, 2022 The Supreme Court (SCOTUS) ruled 9-0 that the government must prove criminal intent when making cases against doctors. The case for reference is called the RUAN AND KAHN CASE. In this case lawyers for Dr. Ruan and Dr. Shakeel Kahn (now a close friend of Rand) argued that doctors had a right to prescribe pain medication and that many compassionate doctors do so without being criminally minded. This landmark case literally brought back into the law and the court the concept of mens rea or criminal intent into cases like Rand’s and many other cases and types of legal cases. This is after thousands of doctors like Rand had had their lives and careers shattered and destroyed. Rand has been locked up since 4/29/2016, which is at the time of writing is well over SEVEN FULL YEARS. Dr. Rand was a highly respected physician in Reno NV. Before going too much further we will provide a little background on Dr. Rand. Dr. Rand is in need of financial assistance for legal fees and for living and medical expenses for his wife who is bravely battling cancer while raising their daughter who is now eight years old. Dr. Rand was born and raised in NY City (Brooklyn) and later Northern NJ (Morristown NJ). His family always emphasized education as a value of paramount importance as is true with many if not most Jewish families. Rand had an uncle who he admired quite a bit. His uncle was a very prominent cancer specialist and scientist. Additionally Rand of course admired both his mother and his father, both highly educated. Rand’s father, a man who came here to the United States as a boy, not knowing word of English having escaped almost certain death from the Nazis Here in the US he became a lawyer. Dr. Rand always jokes that he was told that he could be anything he wanted to be when he grows up as long as he chooses to be a doctor or a lawyer. Dr. Rand chose somewhat of an alternate route in life and in college (Boston University) where he initially studied Anthropology and earned a BA. This prompted him to travel to East Africa, specifically to Kenya shortly after graduating with his degree in Anthropology. Dr. Rand ( Rand) had an epiphany on his first day in Africa, in Nairobi Kenya after seeing people living with medical conditions that the average American will never see. For Rand it was like “going back into the Bible”. There were men, women, and children with every affliction known to man, right there in open view. People that were suffering from all sorts of exotic tropical ailments and even Leprosy, seen on every street corner. The pain and suffering were immediately overwhelming to Rand, then about 23 years old. Robert Rand decided right then and there that he would some day “return to school to become a doctor”. He would devote his life to being a deeply compassionate doctor and care for the sick and infirm. After returning from Africa Rand initially become an Emergency Medical Technician and worked in various jobs related to being a first responder for several years. Later Rand returned to college to do the “premed” curriculum and then medical school. Rand went to medical school first in Mexico and then for two years on a Caribbean Island called Dominica. He completed his 3rd & 4th years of medical school in California but still noticed that there was a real issue with how doctors treated or in reality did not treat pain. This was true in the undeveloped Island of Dominica but also true right here in in the USA. In medical school both here in the US and overseas he noticed that there was a reoccurring theme with what he considered to be under-treated pain, both acute pain and chronic pain. This series of observations was reinforced when his mother was diagnosed with cancer and he noted that the doctors were to a large degree ignoring the pain that she was suffering from. By this point Rand was half way through medical school and knew enough to ensure that his own mother did not suffer. Her doctors considered him somewhat of a pest but she did not suffer because he was vigilant at her bedside. The theme of under-treated pain is something that he recognized throughout his entire medical education and into his career being a doctor who both ran a clinic and worked in several hospitals which he did right up until his arrest in 2016. As a matter of fact one of the most notable things was that the nurses at the hospital where Rand worked would literally wait until he was on call and then call to request various orders and medications including pain medications for their patients as the nurses often felt that their patients needed these medications including “pain meds”. Indeed the pain crisis is not just in the outpatient setting but it effects patients in every hospital in the USA. Dr. Rand ran a practice in Reno NV, which had become a large practice in part due to referrals from other doctors in the community. As mentioned above Dr. Rand also had “admitting privileges” in four local hospitals in the Reno/Sparks NV area and in actuality had been working consistently at one of the hospitals for 5 years prior to his arrest, working about 200 shifts per year in addition to running his busy clinic. Since “the FEDS” (and the states) have “cracked down on pain doctors” overdose rates have gone up, not down. This is especially true amongst VETERANS often injured in war. Veterans suicide rates have been shown to go substantially up when their pain medications were taken away. Rand took in many Veterans who had been on pain medications for years or decades and were made to quit cold turkey due to draconian governmental policies. In addition many people have finally decided that they want LESS GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION into their lives when medical decisions are on the table. On a another note as mentioned above, Rand’s beloved wife is battling metastatic breast cancer and now has a significant case of anemia. All of this while raising their beautiful daughter with only limited help from her husband who can only help so much from inside prison. A few facts to consider: Pain can and does effect all types of people from all walks of life. (PAIN DOES NOT PLAY POLITICS !) RAND TREATED EVERYONE WITH COMPASSION. The overdose rates have sky rocketed since the FEDS started to incarcerate doctors. Suicide rates of pain patients including Veterans have also sky rocketed since the FEDS went to war against pain doctors and pain patients. Rand’s legal fees have already gone above an estimate of about 750,000. That is over 3/4 of a million dollars. There were very serious conflicts of interest that Rand discovered after the proceedings were finished. When Rand via his lawyer brought that up the Judge initially punished (sanctioned) Rand’s lawyer. When it comes to conflicts of interest Rand’s same judge has written a specific legal opinion that completely contradicts her statements in Rand’s case. The Department of Justice and Court system have been weaponized against Rand and he was denied due process of law. Rand himself has a history of fracturing his own spine in FOUR places and also has developed complex regional pain syndrome in his right foot. He knows what it is like to be ignored and disbelieved by doctors. RAND’S FATHER ESCAPED FROM THE NAZIS TO COME HERE BUT GENUINELY KNEW THAT AMERICA HAD TURNED INTO A POLICE STATE AND STATED THAT PLAINLY PRIOR TO HIS DEATH IN 2020. Rand is well aware of the financial burden on chronic pain patients and the state of the economy and is grateful for any donations toward his case and this important cause. Finishing off with a couple of poignant quotes: “Pain is a more terrible Lord of man than even death itself.” Albert Schweitzer, a famous humanitarian physician, missionary. Dr. Schweitzer went to prison camp for a bit himself. First they came for the communists and I did not speak out because I was not a communist. Then they came of the Socialists and Trade Unionists but I did not speak out because I was neither. Then they came for the Jews but I did not speak out because I was not a Jew. And when they came for me there was no one left to speak out. Martin Niemoller German WWI Submariner who despite being a WWI Hero spoke out against the Nazis and himself was put into a concentration camp for doing so. Thank you for your time in reading this and again any donations and or even prayers are appreciated.

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