In INDIANA robbing pharmacies has become a full fledged business ?

Teens, adult arrested in Indianapolis pharmacy robbery ring

INDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis Metro Police say they’ve broken up a robbery ring that targeted Indianapolis pharmacies. An adult and three teens were arrested.

A day doesn’t go by without hearing about another CVS or Walgreens robbery, but it’s not money the crooks want. They’re after prescription drugs they can sell on the street. Investigators say the suspects they captured may be responsible for ten or more robberies.

Most of the robberies involved teenagers who police suspect have been recruited to take part in the robberies.

Shortly after 2:00 pm on Father’s Day, two officers working undercover outside the Walgreens on E. 38th St. became suspicious about a 15-year-old girl and 14-year-old boy entering the store. The boy acted as a lookout while the girl handed the pharmacist a robbery note demanding pills.

Police have dozens of young suspects like these caught on camera in pharmacy robbery after pharmacy robbery. In this case, the suspects took off running into the apartment complex next door, where police say 25-year-old Kadeem Wright waited in their get away car.

Witnesses pointed out the car that sped out of the complex. When stopped by officers, police reportedly found the robbery note, a loaded handgun and clothing worn in other robberies caught on camera.

Now police say the 25-year-old, the 15-year-old girl and boys 17 and 14 years old may be responsible for four to ten area pharmacy robberies.

Investigators are sending this case to the FBI Violent Crimes Unit for possible federal charges against Kadeem Wright.

There are more robberies like this one involving teenage suspects, including an incident at the Post Road CVS in Lawrence. Since January 1st, around 100 incidents like the one described above have been caught on camera.

What helps is the video snapshots where detectives have reportedly matched up clothing worn in different hold-ups. Now with the recent arrests, police hope to at least put a dent in the pharmacy crime wave.

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  1. Put an armed officer in the shop, not outside, stationed in the pharmacy. Let them be undercover wearing a store uniform. Just shoot a few on sight and watch the roberies decline.

    • Great idea;

    • Sure, guns and shooting teenagers is the answer. And shooting on sight works great, especially if you shoot the wrong person. Then that person can sue and become rich. And those teenagers that you shoot just might suffer from chronic pain for the rest of their lives, remain poor and dependent on the prison system and Medicaid, both of which you help pay for.

      If it wasn’t for the drug war, these products wouldn’t be so sought after or be worth so much money on the street.

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